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 ProgrammesProgrammes held in English

Programmes held in English

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Second Cycle Degree (Master's - corsi di laurea magistrali LM - 120 CFU)

Programmes held in English, offered during academic year 2021-2022, divided by School.

School of Agriculture

School of Architecture

School of Economics and Management

School of Engineering

  • Geoengineering
    Degree code (Classe di laurea): LM-35
    Info on access: Unrestricted

School of Humanities and Education

School of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences

School of Political Sciences

Master Courses and Advanced Study Programmes

Consult the dedicated Master Courses and Advanced Study Programmes pages for the courses offered by Unifi.

Doctorate / PhD

Biomedical Area

Scientific Area

Social Sciences Area

Technological Area
Humanities Area