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Single Subjects (Corsi singoli)

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Information regarding the academic year 2020/2021 are being updated. Please consult the Students Regulations (Manifesto degli Studi – in Italian)

It is possible to enrol in single subjects (also and interchangeably called courses, to align with the Italian corsi singoli) up to a maximum of 60 credits per year. 

Consult the calendar of exam sessions divided by School.

Enrollment in single subjects offered as part of the restricted access degree programs is possible only within the limits of places available after the admission tests. If the number of requests exceeds the number of places, the student must pass a selection test.

The enrollment in single subjects is valid for only one academic year: students can take the exams to acquire the credits until the last session of the academic year 2019/2020 (30 April 2021). After this term the registration lapses.

List of Subjects (courses)

Who can apply

  • citizens of the European Union or non-EU citizens who have graduated or enrolled at Italian or foreign universities or equivalent institutions not enrolled in any degree program at the University of Florence
  • EU citizens who have a high school diploma and are not enrolled in any degree program at the University of Florence
  • citizens of the European Union or non-European Union citizens enrolled at foreign universities that intend to carry out a training activity at the healthcare facilities affiliated with the courses of study (including courses with restricted access) of the School of Human Health Sciences, according to the procedure and deadline set forth by the individual courses themselves
  • students who have a three-year degree and who, to enrol in a master's degree course, must fulfil specific curricular requirements to access the course of their choice. The number of ECTS required is established by the Education Committee of the school offering the course (in this case the 60 CFU limit is not valid)
  • holders of a health area certificate, subject to a formative compensation period (D.D. 19 March 2014, n. 1013)
  • the technical and administrative staff of the University of Florence, free of charge as part of the annual training plan, to acquire a maximum of 12 CFU/ECTS per academic year

How, where and when to apply

The following categories of students can submit the application online from 9 am on 9 September 2019 to 13 am on 29 July 2020:

  • European Union students and non-EU students with equivalent status: 
    • who have an Italian or foreign high school diploma or academic degree
    • enrolled at an Italian or foreign university
  • non-EU students residing abroad:
    • who have an Italian or foreign academic qualification
    • enrolled at an Italian or foreign university
  • graduates that have to fulfil the academic requirements to enter a master's degree course.

The following student categories must apply for enrollment in single courses in person using a hard-copy of form CS_01 available on the forms page (with the attachments indicated on the form) and must then be delivered to the Students Admin Offices (Segreteria studenti):

  • those with healthcare area qualifications that need to do a supplementary training period
  • non-EU citizens who want to carry out training in affiliated healthcare facilities

Students who have a qualification obtained abroad, to complete the enrollment procedure and after payment of fees, must hand in the documents in the original language, with legalization, translation and dichiarazione di valore issued by the diplomatic mission or consular post in their country:

The list of exams indicated at the time of enrollment cannot be further changed.

After the enrollment cut-off date (29 July 2020) and until 30 April 2021, students already enrolled in single courses 2019/2020 may request to take further exams than those indicated during the enrollment phase, within the limit of the credits included in the section. 12.1 of the Manifesto degli Studi upon paying the extra fees due.

Enrollment in single subjects offered by degree programs with restricted access is allowed within the limits of places available after the admission procedure to the academic year 2019/2020. To ascertain the availability of the places it is necessary, before submitting the application for registration, to send a request for authorization to the Students Academic Career office of the program that offers the course, using form CS_03 available on the forms page and submit it personally to the School's Academic Career office.

Italian language knowledge test

Non-EU students residing abroad must take a test to demonstrate their knowledge of the Italian language. The date of the test will be communicated by the International Desk at the time of registration.

The Italian Government scholarship recipients do not have to take the test.

Fees and charges

The cost of enrolling in single subjects is made up of a flat fee of € 202.00 for each academic year to cover admin costs and a variable fee of € 11.00 per CFU (i.e. a subject weighing 6 CFU/ECTS will cost € 66.00).

If students want to add more single subjects to their study load after they have paid the registration fee, they need to pay only the fees corresponding to the additional credits added.

For the recipients of the compensatory measures, the registration fee is set at 300 euros per semester (Ministerial Decree of 31 October 2008).

The registration fee must be paid with the payment slip generated automatically at the end of the registration procedure (payable by MAV or PagoPa).

The registration fee for single courses is not refunded under any circumstances.


Students enrolled in single courses take the exams in the same way as students enrolled in degree programs.

Students enrolled in single courses can take only the exams required by the educational offer of the academic year of enrollment. Enrollment in single modules is not allowed nor can the number of credits taken be lower than the number established for each of the subjects.

Incompatibility and exceptions

  • Students enrolled in a course of study at the University of Florence cannot be simultaneously enrolled in individual courses activated by other degree programs of the University.
  • Students enrolled in a course of study at the University of Florence can be enrolled in single courses at another university at the same time if they hold written permission from the institution of the course in which they are enrolled.
  • Students enrolled in a course of study at another university can enrol in single courses at the University of Florence.
  • Students enrolled in a PhD program at the University of Florence can enrol in individual courses if they have the authorization from the Academic Board.
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