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International students

Choosing your course

See the First Cycle (Bachelor) Degree, Second Cycle Degrees (LM), Single Cycle Degrees (LM c.u.), Master Courses, Advanced Study Programmes, or Single Subjects if want to choose individual subjects. See the Programmes held in English and the International Degree Programmes (with joint degree or multiple/double degree).

All students enrolling in programmes with unrestricted access (no set quota) need to take the self-evaluation test (prova di verifica delle conoscenze in ingresso). Info (Italian website).

Students enrolling in set quota programmes need to take an admission test (Italian website). 

More information on self-evaluation and on admission tests and their calendars (Italian website).

At the time of enrolment students must pay the first instalment of fees and charges. For detailed information please refer to the Manifesto degli Studi (in Italian), the official source of all relevant information about studying at the University of Florence.

Main deadlines of the various matriculation and enrolment procedures for the academic year 2023/2024.

What country are you from?

The information to apply for admission and enroll differ depending on the country of origin: EU students and levelled non-EU students, non-EU students residing abroad, Cina ("Marco Polo" projects).

The main difference between EU/EU-levelled students and non-EU ones living abroad concerns the need for pre-enrolment with entry visa procedures clearance that non-EU students must follow. Non-EU students living abroad can find more information on pre-enrollment and student visa request on the Ministry website.

Moreover, EU and EU-levelled future students are not required to sit for the Italian language test (read more about Italian language knowledge test) and should enrol at the Student Administration Office (Segreteria Studenti) of the School of choice, whereas non-EU students with student visa enrol via the International Desk.

Are you a student on international programmes mobility?

See the information dedicated to those coming to the University of Florence under Erasmus program or under collaboration and exchange agreements between universities.

Are you a student requesting asylum or international protection?

Consult the page dedicated to supporting students in university corridors and the initiatives towards students with international protection.


See the Student Administration Offices, Erasmus Front Offices, the International Desk (for non-EU students resident abroad), or the PER-Università Desk (for residence permit procedure for non-EU students).

Your stay in Italy

Practical information for students coming from abroad and Welcome to Unifi. Accommodation options. Campuses and transportation.

Get to know other students

Connect with student ambassadors of the university via Unibuddy. Check out the activities of the student associations.


Students Guide

Leaf through the International Students Guide


You didn’t find what you were looking for?

FAQs - Frequent Asked Questions

Recognition of foreign academic qualifications

Residence permit and study visa

If you are a student of non-EU nationality and your mobility period will be more than 90 days, you must apply for a residence permit within 8 business days of your entry into Italy by going to the Sportello Amico Service available at most Post Offices. For support in filling out the kit, you can visit the Immigration Desk page of the Municipality of Florence. The three receipts you will receive from the Sportello Amico Service must be sent by email to the office that deals with your enrolment.

However, if you are a non-EU exchange student intending to stay in Italy for more than 90 days, you do not need to apply for a residence permit in Italy if you are enrolled at a university in the European Union (Schengen Area) and have a residence permit for study purposes issued in a member state of the European Union (Schengen Area) covering the entire mobility period and participate in a European mobility program (including Erasmus).

For information regarding the student visa (if required) consult the Universitaly website.

PER-Università Desk, to support students from a country outside the European Union in applying for or renewing their residence permit. The service orients students - in possession of an entry visa for study in Italy - in managing the procedure, filling in the postal kit and verifying the required documentation. For more info consult Unifi Include.

Fees and charges

The amount of tuition fees varies according to the student's tax bracket and other merit-related criteria. Partial or full waivers of university fees are provided for some categories of students. Further information is available on the page Fees and Charges.

Benefits and grants provided by the Regional Board for the Right to University Study - DSU Tuscany (link to external site).

Academic calendar, class locations and timetables

Each School has a specific schedule and academic calendar, but as a general rule:

  • First (Autumn) semester: from mid-September to mid-December
  • Second (Spring) semester: from early March to early June

For information on class schedules and locations, consult the website of your School of reference.

Registering for and taking the exams

From 14 to 3 days before the exam date, students need to register for the exam via the Online Services (SOL) platform using their credentials. On the day of the exam, the student must produce a form of ID to the examining board for identification. After the examination is over, the Examination Board records the result of the examination. More information on the page Examination booking and result registration (Italian website).

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