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Visa formalities and residence permit

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Entry procedures vary according to the applicant's nationality, country of residence, purpose of travel and length of stay. Below you can find information to help you navigate the different procedures. For complete, official and updated information please refer to the respective public authorities websites or offices.

  • Citizens of the EU, EEA and Switzerland (pdf)
  • Citizens of countries outside the EU, EEA and Switzerland (pdf)

Visa and entry permit procedures

All visitors that are not citizens of the EU/EEA or Switzerland normally require a visa and for stays beyond 90 days, they also require a residence permit.

The entry visa be it either for a short or a long stay, consists of a sticker placed on a passport or other valid travel document authorizing its foreign bearer to set foot on the soil of the Italian Republic or that of another contracting country for transit or stay, to be evaluated on the basis of the needs associated with the status of international relations and with the defence of national security and the public order.

It is released by Italian diplomatic offices abroad.
Visa types vary depending on the purpose of the trip and there are a total of 21 of them: requisites and conditions to obtain a visa are set forth by specific European regulations.

The residence permit is a document issued by the Questura (Police Headquarters) authorising the legal presence (sojourn) of foreign nationals on Italian soil until its expiry date. This permit is an essential condition to be assigned the residency and to be allowed to work on the conditions stated on the permit itself. The residence permit is issued for the same purposes indicated on the visa.

A study visa or a research visa is what is normally needed for visits to universities. The issuing procedures may require some time so it is advisable to apply at least 3 months ahead of the intended travelling date.

Complete info on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website


Visa for Research Purposes

A visa for research purposes allows foreign nationals to enter Italy for either a brief and a long stay to carry out research activities as specified by the research institute or university that have invited them on the basis of a hosting agreement. Applicants must hold an academic title that in the country it was granted gives access to doctoral programmes. The university or research institute extending the invitation must be enrolled in a list of approved institutions issued by the Ministry of Education, University and Research.

The visa application will be considered only after the Immigration Desk (Sportello Unico per l’Immigrazione - SUI) has issued the necessary authorisation (nulla osta).

The University of Florence is enrolled in the above-mentioned lists since 18 January 2012 with number 170. The application for a research visa is lodged to the Immigration Desk by the Coordination for International Relations on behalf of President of the University and upon request of the Department hosting the prospective researcher.

Such procedure is necessary also in case of foreign nationals who have been awarded a research grant at the University of Florence.

Regulations of reference: Testo Unico n. 286/1998, art. 27-ter and further amendments.

Visa for Study Purposes

This visa allows foreign nationals entry in Italy for a long stay which must be, however, of a fixed duration in order to pursue university-level studies. It is issued to applicants wishing to acquire the following academic titles, irrespective of any research activity carried out:

  • PhD
  • University Professional Master Course
  • Post-graduate Specialisation School Diploma
  • Advanced Training Course

The visa for study purposes, both for short and long stays, is issued also to foreign nationals wishing to enter Italy in order to carry out advanced research or cultural activities which are not mentioned expressly among the visa for research purposes cases.

Application for this type of visa is lodged directly by the applicant through an Italian diplomatic office in their country of residence.

Requisites and conditions to obtain the visa:

  • evidence of enrollment in the study programme or agreement for scientific/cultural research activity to be carried out
  • evidence of adequate economic means
  • comprehensive medical insurance in case the foreign national does not have the right to public medical assistance in Italy as part of the bilateral agreements with their country of origin
  • evidence of living arrangements: hotel booking, declaration of hospitality given by an Italian or foreign citizen with regular residency in Italy
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