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Research Projects Unit

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The promotion of funding and planning opportunities concerns all directly managed European funds, such as Horizon 2020, Erasmus plus and Creative Europe as well as thematic programs such as Life, Justice, Chafea, but also the so-called mixed funds, as managed jointly by national authorities and the European Commission (such as ERANET, JPI, JTI). In 2008 the Office obtained the quality certification for all the services offered according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 international standards.

Main Activities and Services

Targeted information

The Office offers teachers and researchers of the University of Florence a targeted information service on available funding opportunities, accessible on request. The information provided by the researcher allows the office to identify the types of funding that are most relevant to the field of activity or the researcher's project idea and the combination of research interests with the available opportunities. Researchers can benefit from e-mail reports on funding opportunities, confidential advances on upcoming calls and preliminary study of the relevant calls.


Once the researcher's willingness to participate in a call has been expressed, the staff is available to provide support in the preparation of the project proposal. This support consists in the complete and in-depth study of the call, the verification of the correspondence between the project idea and the objectives of the call, the support for the creation of the international partnership (in coordinated projects), the data entry in the IT applications used by the financing program (Participant Portal, PRIAMOS, SWIMM etc.) and the completion of all the non-scientific sections of the form.

In the case of coordinated projects, the Office staff is also active in managing communication with partners for the collection of data useful for filling in the participation form.

The Office assists the researcher in the economic planning of resources so that the budget is balanced and consistent with the activities foreseen by the project.

In case of a positive evaluation of the proposal, the Research Office offers its assistance in the management of relations with the funding body, filling in the forms and reformulation of the budget, as well as the preparation and revision of the necessary documents and the handling of the related legal issues concerning the implementation of the project (consortium agreement, ethical part, third party management, intellectual property rights, etc.).

Project management

The good performance of the project and the correct management of the administrative, legal and financial aspects require constant coordination with the scientific manager and the project manager to offer adequate support in the preparation and presentation of periodic and final reports.The office staff have the necessary language skills to offer support during project meetings.

Expense reporting

During the project, the Office staff takes care of preparing the financial statements of the expenses incurred, reconciling the internal accounting of the University with the breakdown of costs required by the international reference legislation.

The office makes use of special IT support applications, including the "TEMPrO" software, which was developed to meet the specific management needs of personnel participating in research projects.

TEMPrO can be accessed in 2 ways:

  • from the UNFI network by directly connecting TEMPrO Unifi
  • from outside of the UNIFI network by using a Proxy (instructions - in Italian) or the University VPN.

Manuals and detailed infomation

(access with single University credentials)

  • User Guide for Basic Users (pdf) - for research staff
  • User Guide for Administrators (pdf) for administrative staff
  • Guidelines for participation in European Union programmes (direct and indirect) (pdf)
  • The services of the Research Projects Process Unit (pdf)
  • Joint research funding - the University of Florence and joint funding (pdf)


  • The University of Florence and the ERC Programme (pdf)
  • The University of Florence within the Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions - A guide to submit an Individual fellowship (pdf)
  • The University of Florence and the LIFE Programme (pdf)
  • The University of Florence and the European Joint Funding Opportunities (pdf)
  • The University of Florence and the Structural Funds (pdf)  
  • The University of Florence and the European Partnerships (pdf)

Info and Contacts

Unità di Processo Progetti di ricerca
(Research Projects Unit)
Plesso Didattico Morgagni, 3rd floor
Viale Morgagni, 40/44 - 50134 Firenze
Ph. 055 275 1909 / 1912 / 1917
Email: ricercaue(AT)

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