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 CommunicationCoronavirus, information for the University community

Coronavirus, information for the University community

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Latest updates on various topics of interest to students

Guidelines for the resumption of institutional activities effective to 31 August 2020 (pdf).

Distance learning for the period of suspension of in-class lectures

as of Monday 9 March 2020 and, most likely, until the end of the year, all classes are held online. More details in the new guidelines effective 3-30 June.

The Learning mode

Considering the current health situation, the University of Florence will adopt an articulated model of delivering its courses. As much as possible, lectures will be delivered in-class according to the planned timetable and with a number of students physically in the classroom that will consider the capacity of the rooms and the physical distancing rules in force this coming autumn.

"Priority will be given to first-year students, but, compatibly with timetable and available space, the University will endeavor to guarantee to maximise the number of students who can attend classes in person. In any case all enrolled students will be able to assist to the lectures in videoconference mode and their recording will be available on an online platform," explains the President, Luigi Dei.

Provisions for exams and graduation sessions to be held online

Exam sessions, written and oral, will be held remotely via Google Meet or other online platforms until further notice. Instructions here.

Graduation sessions and thesis discussions will take place in remote mode only, in the manner indicated here (as per President’s decree n. 360/2020).

Download the "Declaration of acceptance of remote examination conditions" to be used for both exams and graduation sessions (rtf - pdf)

More details in the News of 10 March.

OpenDay and other orientation events

They are carried out online only until further notice. Visit the dedicated page (in Italian) for more details.

PF24 Training and exams

Check the dedicated page (in Italian)

Student Admininstration Offices

The offices of Capponi, Morgagni and Novoli will remain closed to public access until further notice. The Student Administration Offices will provide their services by email.


All traineeships have resumed, some in remote mode some in-person, following the provisions issued by the Italian Government. For traineeships at the School of Human Health Sciences please consult the website of the School.


Travel has resumed but should be kept to a minimum and abide by the current national health regulations. All gatherings are still to be avoided.

Meetings of collegial bodies

It is possible to restore face-to-face meetings, provided that they can be carried out in strict compliance with the anti-contagion protocol and therefore for small numbers of participants. For all other cases, the remote mode remains in force. New software has been acquired that will allow management of secret ballot voting.

Instructions on how to hold remote meetings (pdf in Italian)

Public competitions

Rules for carrying out the online competition procedures for the recruitment of professors and researchers (in Italian) - D. R. n. 456 of 6 April 2020 (Read also D.R. n. 337 of 4 March 2020).

Online public competition/calls for applications procedures for research grants and scholarships and research as per D. R. n. 471, 9 April 2020 (English version). Detailed instructions are given in each individual call for applications.

Public competitions for fixed-term research technicians (Tecnologi della ricerca) are in te process of being regulated.

Staff and researchers’ access to the University

Those who, based on the plan of activities agreed with their respective managers, should reach the workplace, need to carry with them their university identification card must be shown to the public safety operator. More details on access to buildings in the guidelines.

Email for further information

You can write to info_coronavirus(AT) Answers will be given on this page which will be constantly updated as new information becomes available.

Recommended behaviour

Guidelines and information from the World Health Organization (link to WHO website)

Appeal from the President of the University (video)

Read the Recommendations for the community at large issued by Regione Toscana.

How to wash your hands properly. Watch the video on YouTube.

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