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Remote exam sessions

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Until further notice, all examinations will be carried out via a remote connection through the GSuite apps provided by the University or other platform as deemed appropriate by the academic staff involved. 

Please note that the April examination session is considered a supplementary one therefore it is open only to students graduating in the April session as well as the following categories:

  • Erasmus+ students
  • Part-time students
  • Sick or disabled students with certification
  • Pregnant students
  • Students enrolled in single courses

Oral exams procedures

  • The exam will be carried out via the Meet app which is part of the GSuite. Students need to log in with their student login credentials.
  • Once they accept to participate in a video Meet session (the exam) they will be asked to prove their identity by showing their ID, be it their student card or another suitable form of ID.
  • The student should provide also a phone number in case of any issues when establishing the Meet call.
  • The camera on their computers should frame their head shoulders and hands so that it is clear that no study aids or persons are within their reach during the exam interview.
  • In case the connection drops, the lecturer will call again and ask a new question.
  • The exam session is public and anyone can log in pending approval from the examination board president.
  • There will always be another student listening in with a witnessing function.
  • The session will be recorded.

Written exams procedures

Before each exam, oral or written, students need to fill in and send to their professor the Acceptance Form for the online exam procedure (rtf - pdf)

The remote examination mode will remain in place until further notice.

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