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Unifi Include

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The University of Florence places empowerment of inclusion at the centre of its policies, fostering sustainable growth and accessibility of the university community.
Unifi Include brings together in an integrated approach all initiatives that promote equality and inclusion, according to the various fields of action.

The Unifi Include desk is located at the Novoli Campus (via delle Pandette, 30), building D1, ground floor. Read more (Italian website)

Schedule: Monday through Friday from 9 am to 2 pm

Info: 331 2348623 | 331 2348583

To make an appointment with Psychological Support or the Orientation Service you need to use the UFirst booking system on their website or the mobile app available on Google play and the AppStore.

Unifi Include

Students from foreign countries


Access for students seeking asylum and international protection
In January 2020, the University of Florence joined the Inclusive University Manifesto promoted by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, to “foster refugee access to university education and research, and promote social integration and active participation in academic life.”
In order to fulfill these objectives, the University is committed to promoting access to education for international students, with lines of action aimed at beneficiaries of international protection. It is also committed to ensuring the academic freedom of researchers and teachers.
Phone and hours

  • unifiinclude. accoglienzaextraue(at)

Students with disabilities or learning difficulties


Front office and services
The University of Florence collaborates and actively works to create equal conditions for the right to study, with actions aimed at removing obstacles that limit entry into the university world. Unifi Include is dedicated to identifying the tools, aids, and services helpful in living the university experience to the fullest, supporting and advocating for its students with disabilities throughout their academic path.  
The Unifi Include desk, located on disability-accessible premises, ensures privacy and confidentiality and arranges the necessary services to promote full access to the resources offered by the university pathway.
Students with disabilities and/or learning difficulties who enroll in our University can be supported in their studies by drafting a personalized support plan by contacting the numbers above and making an appointment for an interview.
Phone and hours

  • unifiinclude.disabilita(at)
  • unifiinclude.dsa(at)

Gender issues


The University of Florence’s gender equality strategy follows best practices tested nationally and internationally in promoting equity and valuing diversity.
The University sees this commitment, which it makes to students and staff, as essential so that any existing structural inequalities, situations of imbalance, and discrimination can be overcome, and to prevent the emergence of new inequalities and discrimination.
Phone and hours - Learn more: Student career (in Italian)

  • unifiinclude.genere(at)

Students in detention


The PUP University Prison Campus, established in 1999, is a system of services that ensures the right to study for those under freedom restriction terms.
The project is based on the collaboration between university professors, tutors, and volunteers who offer support and assistance during the detainee’s study path. Through collaboration with the University, detainees exercise their right to education by taking university courses.
Phone and hours

  • unifiinclude.pup(at)

Sports and wellness


The University of Florence recognizes the importance of all its members’ mental and physical well-being. For this reason, it has decided to initiate collaborations in sports and psychological well-being. Reference figures are available at the Unifi Include desk to help, support, and identify the best path forward. One can find information about the university’s affiliated sports centers and activities at the desk.
Phone and hours

  • unifiinclude.benessere(at)



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