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Italian universities issue the following qualifications in compliance with Ministerial Decree No. 270/2004:

  • Laurea (L) a First Cycle Degree equal to a bachelor's degree on completion of an initial three-year study programme (180 credits)
  • Laurea Magistrale (LM)  a Second Cycle Degree equivalent to a master's degree on completion of a further two-year study programme (120 credits)
  • Laurea Magistrale a ciclo unico (LM c.u.) a Single Cycle Degree, combining bachelor and master degrees, offered only for specific courses, on completion of a five- or six-year study programme (300 or 360 credits)

Then, for those who have obtained a Laurea Magistrale (LM - Master's Degree):

  • Diploma di Specializzazione (DS) – Specialisation diploma
  • Dottorato di Ricerca (DR) - PhD

Moreover, Italian universities offer post-graduate vocational master courses with one-year (first level) or two-year (second level) study programmes (totalling at least 60 credits). These offer training at advanced level in specific industry sectors.

The University of Florence offers courses at all the levels listed above.

Studying in Florence - A.Y. 2018-2019 consult the brochure (pdf) - ISSUU

You can learn more on the Italian higher education system here.

Besides the study programmes, the University also offers students important extra-curricular activities, including sports, languages and computer studies; the university choir and orchestra; in-faculty cultural and educational initiatives funded by university grants; psychological support and opportunities for paid part-time work.

The University of Florence is very active in the development and activation of study programmes leading to jointly-recognized academic qualifications which are acknowledged both in Italy and in other European and non-European countries.

Our international PhD courses follow along these same lines, and agreements are in place with a number of European and non-European Universities.


last update: 11-Feb-2019