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Job Placement & Careers

Job Placement & Careers

The University offers a number of services dedicated to the job orientation and placement of students, graduates, doctoral students and PhDs from the University of Florence.

Doing an internship

An internship is an intrinsic part of the academic path of each students. In many under- and postgraduate degrees the curricular internship is compulsory and earns credits. A graduate internship, called, in this case, non-curricular - is a period of training and orientation to the professional world. The non-curricular internship is different from specific traineeship periods giving a professional qualification, which are a compulsory step in order to be able to practise specific jobs. 

The University of Florence has implemented St@ge, an online database to facilitate access to internships: students and graduates can search for businesses that have agreements in place to host interns and can apply directly from the platform. 

More info and access:

Job offers display

It’s an online service collecting a selection of offers from businesses, associations and institutions who have positions open.

CV Access

The University will make accessible to the industry the CVs of students and recent (12 months) graduates who have given authorisation to do so according to the current privacy laws. 

Other proposals - Recommendations

Evaluation and publication of proposals from external bodies regarding orientation and job placement for students and graduates. 

Help desks

After graduation, the step towards the professional world is critical and requires specific tools in order to succeed. “Cantieri di intraprendenza e lavoro” (Entrepreneurship and Placement Workshops) are a group of services that the University offers to its students and graduates to support them in planning their professional identity and career.

Here are the services and programmes offered:

Career Counseling and Life Designing

This service helps students with individual or group interviews to build their own professional and post-university project.

Intrapreneurial Self-Capital Training

Programme aimed at graduands and graduates to reinforce individual skills to face professional and personal challenges.

Assessment Center

Programme aimed at students, graduands, graduates, doctoral candidates and PhDs of the University focussed on the development of cross-field skills needed by companies and organisations.

Job Orientation Seminars

Periodical events dedicated to students, recent graduates and doctoral candidates offering useful information to improve awareness when entering the workforce. 

Active job search workshop

Group workshop providing tools for students, graduates, doctoral candidates and PhDs to produce a more effective job application.

CV check

Personalised editing of application letter and CV. Programme aimed at those who have taken part in the active job search workshop.

Video CV

Specific programme to produce a video CV aimed at those who have taken part in the workshop.

Entrepreneurial Gym

Training programme to develop and practise entrepreneurial skills and direct knowledge towards a professional project.

Enterprise Café

Periodical meetings with entrepreneurs, managers, businesses.

Introducing Business

Periodical meetings with businesses interested in presenting their activity and their job and traineeship opportunities.

Career Lab

Programme offering the opportunity to participate in job selections by businesses and professionals using, in addition, case studies presented by selection personnel.

Career Day

Yearly event where final-year students, graduates and PhDs and work professionals meet. During the event participants have the chance to sit for job interviews with HR managers of private businesses and institutions offering real job opportunities.


Six-month-long workshops where graduates can challenge the knowledge acquired during their studies and apply it to an innovative project. 

Focus on Innovation

Workshops dedicated to the development of employment and business ideas. 

Cultivate ideas: from environment to business 

Programme dedicated to the design and plan of entrepreneurial activities stemmed from the observation of the urban and natural environments.

Students can find out which desks provide the services they need by visiting:  (in Italian)

last update: 22-Feb-2017
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