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IUF (Incubatore Universitario Fiorentino) the Florentine University Incubator, has been active since the end of 2010 to foster growth and initial development phase of the University's start-up and spin-off companies based on highly innovative ideas and strong links to academic research.

Access to IUF services is open to members of the University as well as external enterprises according to specific rules and regulations. (See, in Italian, Regolamento Incubatore Universitario Fiorentino)

Strategies and decision making are prerogative of CSAVRI's Steering Committee and Scientific Council.

IUF is part of the Tuscan regional incubator network.

List of spin-offs active as of January 2015


Incubator Complex – Science Campus (Polo Scientifico dell'Università)
Via Madonna del Piano, 6 - 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (Fi)
Ph: 055 457 4634 - fax 055 457 4639
Front Office - Logistics
Jelena Skuletic - - tel. 055 457 4600

last update: 08-Oct-2015