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Single Cycle Degrees (LM c.u.)
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Single Cycle Degrees (LM c.u.)

There are 9 courses offered as a Single Cycle Degree (laurea magistrale a ciclo unico LM c.u. - corresponding to a combined bachelor's/master's degree), requiring 5 or 6 years of study for an equivalent of 300 or 360 credits respectively, on completion of which a Second Cycle Degree can be obtained.

These courses require a longer period of study because they aim to prepare students for direct entry into the workforce in highly skilled occupations such as Medicine, Architecture, Education.

Admission tests for the Single Cycle Degrees of Medicine, Dentistry, Architecture: rules and info on enrolments are on these pages (Architecture - Medicine and Dentistry - Humanities and Education).

The courses listed below have a set quota, i.e. they have a limited number of enrolled students, unless otherwise specified.

Check here of all info on evaluation tests calendars.

Please note: all courses are taught in Italian unless otherwise specified.



Degree code Degree name
LM-4 Architecture


Human Health Sciences

Degree code Degree name
LM-13 Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology
LM-13 Pharmacy
LM-41 Medicine and Surgery
LM-46 Dental Medicine and Prosthetics


Humanities and Education

Degree code Degree name
LM-85bis Primary Teacher Education



Degree code Degree name
LMG-01 Law - no set quota
LMG-01 Italian and French Law - joint degree with Université Paris I - Panthéon-Sorbonne (France)
LMG-01 Italian and German Law - joint degree with Universität zu Köln (Germany)





last update: 25-July-2018