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Banking Services

To open a bank account, citizens must be over eighteen years of age, possess a valid ID and the Italian tax code and they must have not been convicted for bankruptcy.

Foreign nationals must declare whether they currently reside in Italy or not at the time they open the account.

Foreign citizens qualify as residents when they have their habitual home (residenza) or have their main business activity (domicilio) in Italy or are enrolled in the public registry of residents for at least 183 days a year.

Bank account (conto corrente) terms and conditions vary from bank to bank: in most cases, a debit card (Bancomat) is issued as well as a cheque-book (libretto degli assegni). In some banks a small deposit of money in order to open the account can be required.

Before opening a bank account, it is recommended to get all the information needed since banks can offer different solutions (i.e. fees included or not for account management, withdrawal of money, etc.).

In general bank opening hours vary according to the bank and the town.Some banks are open all day with no lunch break and/or on Saturday mornings. On the day before a public holiday, banks often close early.

last update: 22-Oct-2016
Home page > International Relations > Welcome Service > Banking Services