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Funding Opportunities

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To carry out research activities, it is possible to access different types of funding:

European (direct)

These are European funds, directly managed by the European Commission, such as Horizon Europe, including the new European Partnerships, Erasmus Plus, Digital Europe, EU4Health and Creative Europe; thematic programs such as LIFE, Justice  and CERV.

European (indirect)

Delivered by regional bodies to promote research and development activities. Particular attention is paid to calls from Regione Toscana, which has structured an articulated plan of actions for the 2021/2027 seven-year period.


Calls that promote and support actions aimed at strengthening research and international cooperation (outside the European Union) in the context of collaborative projects or other financing schemes.


Main research funding programs managed by different Ministries, with a special focus on funds managed by MUR (PRIN, FIRB, FIR, SIR)

University of Florence

Scientific research, strategic basic research projects, competitive projects for temporary researchers. All information on funding opportunities offered by the University of Florence.

Piano Nazionale per la Ricerca (PNR) 2021-2027 (read more in the Italian website)

Piano Nazionale Infrastrutture di Ricerca (PNIR) 2021-2027 (read more in the Italian website)

Funding Institutional
Information on international financing opportunities

Calls and Deadlines
(Italian website)


Area Servizi alla Ricerca ed al Trasferimento Tecnologico

Assistance and advice

For assistance and advice for the identification of the most relevant calls for applications, a complete and in-depth examination of the call, assistance for the development of the project idea, time and resource planning consultancy, registration to the portals of the specific programs of funding, advice for drafting the proposal contact:


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