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Single Subjects
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Single Subjects (or Courses)

It is possible to enrol in single subjects (also and intercheangeably called courses, to align with the italian "corsi singoli") up to a maximum of 60 credits per year. Details on procedures and fees:

  • Single courses - Application procedure for E.U. citizens (pdf)
  • Single courses - Application procedure for non-E.U. citizens residing abroad (pdf) - application form (rtf - pdf)


  • List of Subjects (courses)
  • Fees and charges -  the cost of enrolling in single subjects is made up of a flat fee of €202.00 for each academic year to cover admin costs and a variable fee of €11.00 per CFU (i.e. a subject weighing for 6 CFU will cost €66.00).
last update: 22-Feb-2018