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Spin-offs and Start-ups of the University of Florence

AM3 S.r.l. - Advanced Models and Methods in Maritime Engineering

AM3 provides a study service based on a physical model of applications or devices of maritime engineering with particular reference to ports, defence works, off-shore industrial equipment, devices for marine renewable energies. The physical modeling consists in the reproduction in small scale of such maritime engineering works or devices. The models are produced in a specific maritime channel equipped with a generator of wavy motion, which allows to recreate in the laboratory all phenomena, and equipped with scientific instrumentation for the measurement of all the parameters of interest.

Pier Luigi Aminti; Lorenzo Cappietti; Ilaria Crema; Maria Grazia Tecchi; Valentina Vannucchi; Andrea Esposito.

Contacts  - - +39 366 6781908

Artù S.r.l. (Academic spin-off)

ARTU' offers web 2.0 products for sharing, multiplayer processing and certification of information, in particular geo-data. Products are of the SaaS type (Software as a Service) and are finalised to build dynamic custom tools supporting work and decisional flows.

SaaS products show as a geo-referenced virtual work-place, meaning a shared on-line work tool allowing several users to interact on online maps and add to them text or image files.

In addition the company supplies smart planning products and services for advanced urban and landscape planning.

For further info please see the presentation:


  • S.a.a.S (Software as a Service): online app for sharing and processing of geo-referenced documents

  • Intervisibility map: visual analysis maps of urban and country landscapes

  • Smart Table: multimedia/online work tables for multiplayer cooperation in complex processes

Giuseppe De Luca (academic in charge); Valeria Lingua; Matteo Scamporrino; Simone Landi; Tommaso Stigler; Luca Di Figlia (president)

Contacts | -

Atena S.r.l.

Products and services related to safety and road accidents ndtw0 offered by Atena to professionals, companies, insurance companies, courts and private. In particular Atena develops and commercialize four different software tools: PRO IMPACT 5.0, EES 2014, PRO ENERGY, CINEMATIC 3D. Atena offers also training courses, execution of crash tests, real accidents analysis.

Dario Vangi; Filippo Begani; Carlo Cialdai.

Contacts - +39 393 9448675 -

Carbon Sink Group S.r.l. (incubated in IUF)

Carbon Sink Group operates in the field of environmental protection and is specialized in the design of corporate policies guaranteed to deliver effective reduction of pollutant emissions, based on what is nd0 established in the international treaties on climate change. The aims of Carbon Sink Group are:

- to offer guidelines to companies intending to adopt eco-sustainable practices, complying with the restrictions laid down in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, as codified in the Kyoto Protocol;
- to assist non-profit organizations and bodies in undertaking “green” initiatives through voluntary projects for a more sustainable world.

Francesco Ferrini; Stefano Vaglio; Andrea Maggiani; Riccardo Calliari; Francesco Marino; Antonio Guiso; Ulla Mauno; Davide Tracca.

Contacts - +39 340 7109826 -

DiaCon S.r.l.

DiaCon offers a Global Service for the diagnostics of architectural heritage, exploiting innovative methods and techniques generated by research at the University of Florence. The company's  aim is to offer one-stop solutions for a complete and integrated knowledge of the architectural element for the purpose of its optimal conservation and enhancement.

Carlo Alberto Garzonio; Roberto Sabelli; Giacomo Tempesta; Laura Chiarantini; Silvia Vettori; Maria Rita Galanti; Antonio Lucio Paolo Muzzatto; Gabriella Aliboni; Luca Erbaggio; Riccardo Mattei; Italo Celiento; Jacopo Giuseppe Vitale; Stefano Galassi; Società Farad srl; Società Coop Ara scrl.

Contacts | - +39 055 5387846 | +39 393 9148733 -

Di.V.A.L. Toscana S.r.l.- Laboratory for Drug Validation and Antibody production (incubated in IUF)

Di.V.A.L.-Toscana is a university spin-off project launched within the area of pharmaceutical and translational research in oncology and onco-haematology. The activity of Di.V.A. xpnd0L.-Toscana is two-pronged: 1. Supply of preclinical development services to companies operating in the biopharma w-1 ceutical sector and to scientific institutes. It takes part in the R&D process for a pharmaceutical product (in the broades t sense, up to obtaining the “proof of concept”, preliminary to preclinical development in line with the standar ndtw0 ds of Good Laboratory Practice - GLP). 2. Research activities: for the development of new experimental models (animal xenograft models, genetically modifi ed animal models) to support the service activities and for the development of biotechnological products based on small antibody fragments or “dwarf antibodies”, tar geted for the production of diagnostic and therapeutic systems in the onco-haematological sector.

Annarosa Arcangeli; Marco Bazzicalupo; Armando Casazza; Laura Carraresi; Olivia Crociani; Massimo D'Amico; Serena Pillozzi; Sabina Fusco; Colorobbia Italia SpA.

Contacts | | - +39 055 4574661 -

EffectiveKnowledge S.r.l. (incubated in IUF)

EffectiveKnowledge offers products and services related to the automation of the phases of acquisition, management, production and distribution of knowledge. EffectiveKnowledge works with businesses that need to create systems of intelligence, portals and services for the enhancement and sharing of knowledge and digital contents, on traditional and mobile systems, for various types of application.

Paolo Nesi; Nicola Mitolo; Pierfrancesco Bellini; Ivan Bruno; Michela Paolucci; Daniele Cenni; Gianni Pantaleo; Marco Serena.

Contacts - +39 055 4574664 -

Ergon Research - High Temperature Thermo-Fluid Dynamic Solutions S.r.l.

Ergon Research operates in the energy sector and is specialised in heat exchange and combustion. The pivotal strong point of the company is the capacity to meld theoretical knowledge with cutting-edge thermo-fluid dynamic techniques of simulation and experimentation that have been developed over 10 years of research at international level. This makes it eminently qualified for technological transfer from this highly specialised sector to industry and small and medium enterprises.

Antonio Andreini; Bruno Facchini; Cosimo Bianchini; Lorenzo Tarchi; Mirko Micio; Riccardo Da Soghe.

Contacts - +39 055 5391855 | +39 328 2252893 -

FoodMicroTeam S.r.l.

FoodMicroTeam (FMT) offers its services to Italian agri-food companies producing beverages and fermented foods and that are interested in enhancing the quality of their products. FMT allows food companies to transfer the Research & Development area to a group of experts able to so lve process problems, to innovate processes and products or improve existing ones.
The services are: 


  • Process optimization;
  • Problem solving in food processes;
  • Product or process innovation;
  • FoodMicroBank: characterization and conservation of microbial strains isolated from different production processes in order to obtain starter cultures;
  • Microbiological and chemical analysis of foods.

Silvia Mangani; Giacomo Buscioni; Simona Guerrini; Manuel Venturi; Lisa Granchi; Massimo Vincenzini; Simone Toccafondi.

Contacts - phone +39 055 3288309 -

Fotosintetica & Microbiologica S.r.l. (incubated in IUF)

F&M performs consultancy activities on the cultivation of microalgae and their applications in the agro-environmental fields (aquaculture, foodstuffs, feeds etc), renewable energy and nutraceuticals. F&M develops and markets microalgae culture systems (photobioreactors and tanks) including the “Green Wall Panel" object of two patents (WO2004/074423 and WO2011/013104). F&M takes care of the design, assembly, start-up and subsequent management of the microalgae culture systems.

Liliana Rodolfi; Mario Tredici; Filippo Bacci; Niccolò Bassi; Marzia Rosso; Gimena Bonini.

Contacts - +39 055 4574625 | +39 339 5784069-

Giotto Biotech S.r.l (incubated in IUF)

Giotto Biotech aims to contribute to the Biomedical sciences by providing enabling products and services, with a particular attention to technologies complementary to nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). The lines of research and development currently underway include: studies on the use of algae as cell factories and the development of new methods for their exploitation, techniques for the production of new proteins, development of methods for the production of new antibodies and peptides, NMR-based metabolomics, exploration of new avenues for organic synthesis with particular attention t o environmentally friendly processes, structural biology through NMR and advancement of information technologies.

Kathleen McGreevy; Giordana Marcon; Claudio Luchinat; Lucia Banci; Mario Tredici; Cristina Nativi.

Contacts - +39 055 4574258 | +39 055 4574237-

Glycolor S.r.l

Glycolor carries out R&D in the area of dyes and auxiliary chemicals, with a focus on the formulation and marketing for the textile and leather sectors. Glycolor is active in the treatment xpnd0 of industrial wastewaters from the dyeing and tanning industry through the development of biotechnologies for the reuse of pr ocessed water. Glycolor provides research and consultancy services in the field of renewable xpndtw0 energy, analytical and synthetic organic chemistry, it offers pre- and post-graduate placements and it collaborates with major dyeing industries.

Roberto Bianchini; Massimo Corsi; Marco Bonanni; Giorgio Catelani.

Contacts - +39 055 4573486

Imadrom S.r.l (participated spin-off)

Imadrom offers services related to the innovative technology of bio-molecular imaging. It supports pharma companies involved in the development of new drugs and radio-drugs.

Research is performed thanks to the use of biological probes/tracers marked with radioisotopes.
The wide range of services offered allows us to assist clients in all development phases of a new drug, working at all levels of production.
This specialisation and differentiation derives from a close interaction with the university framework ensuring constant innovation in the solutions provided. Clients will be able to take advantage of state-of-the-art technology applied by highly specialised staff.


IMADROM CHEMISTRY: characterisation, synthesis and bio-conjugation of new molecular imaging tracers, consultancy and feasibility studies.

IMADROM IN VIVO: bio-molecular studies on in-vitro cellular models, bio-distribution, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics on animal models of new molecular imaging tracers, consultancy and feasibility studies.

IMADROM HUMAN: advice on clinical trials planning, support with regulatory authorities and eCRF planning.

IMADROM SOFTWARE: molecular imaging analytic data management, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics modelling and simulation, consultancy and feasibility studies.

Alberto Pupi; Andrea Trabocchi; Luca Tartarelli; Stefano Mazzuca; Francesca Bianchini

Contacts - +39 055 794 7527 | +39 055-457 4600/35 -

INSONO - Ultrasound Measurement Devices for Industrial Processes Control S.r.l.

InSono supplies electronic devices for process control in the petrochemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, and for water treatment and similar applications. The core business is centred on cutting-edge ultrasound flow meters, capable of detecting and quantifying in a non-invasive manner the deposits generated in the conduits of industrial processes of various kinds. These make it possible to analyse the piping without blocking the system, and, above all, without the need for the prior inclusion of any mechanical element in the process loop. InSono produces industrial flow meters that can deliver 1D, 2D and 3D reconstructions of t he flow speed profile, enabling an effective assessment of the phenomena in progress in the pipe during the normal working cycle, and ndtw0 hence making it possible to enhance the process performance. InSono creates instruments that can estimate the physical parameters of vortex flows.

Leonardo Masotti; Fabrizio Argenti; Gionatan Torricelli; Fabio Cioria; Giulia Pelosi.

Contacts - +39 055 4796383 | +39 055 4574643 -

JAEWA S.r.l. (incubated IUF)

JAEWA develops software based on three strands: • customized applications: to enhance business performance with solutions made to specific needs. • integration solutions: to make pre-existing software talk to one another and add value to the information pool of a company. It transforms a company’s data in knowledge in order to discover new and not directly usable information. The main products of JAEWA are: - Empedocle: outpatient medical records for the university hospital of Careggi (Florence) - Carepedia: CMS based on ontological architecture - Adss: Accreditation of public and private health structures - Oris: Editor and advanced analyzer of Petri’s networks.

Enrico Vicario; Valeriano Sandrucci; Jacopo Torrini.

Contacts - +39 055 4574667 -

KKT S.r.l. - Unexpected Improvements (incubated in IUF))

KKT is par t of Fleetmatics Group PLC, a leading global provider of mobile workforce solutions for service-based businesses of all sizes delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Our solutions enable businesses to meet the challenges associated with managing local fleets, and improve the productivity of their mobile workforces, by extracting actionable business intelligence from real-time and historical vehicle and driver behavioral data.

Alessandro Lori; Fabio Schoen.

Contacts - +39 328 8396253 -

LabCom (Soc. Cooperativa) - Research and Actin for Psycho-social Welfare

Labcom is a non-profit Social Cooperative founded by community psychologists and recognized as Academic Spin-Off and Innovative Start-up with a social vocation. LabCom works with local government, profit and non-profit organizations and trade unions. It offers consulting, training, action-research, planning, implementation and evaluation of community and social network interventions. Labcom deals with various issues as social cohesion, addiction, prevention, organizational well-being and diversity management. Services include empowered participatory governance through techniques of sharing, mediation, activation and decision making. The solutions achieved are customized and sustainable.

Laura Remaschi; Fausto Petrini; Moira Chiodini; Patrizia Meringolo; Carlo Volpi; Elisa Guidi; Eleonora Moscardi.

Contacts - +39 349 1781195 -

Laboratori Archeologici San Gallo (Soc. Cooperativa)

Workers' coop for the development of research projects in history and archaeology and the promotion of the relationship between archeology and society, through innovative processes and products, for a better governance of cultural heritage. It offers solutions and qualified services, custom-built to communicate archeology and make it a valuable and shared resource:
- Archaeological Research
- Integrated plans of museology and communication
- Tailor-made packages, journeys and stages of archaeological experiential tourism
- Consulting activity and historical-a pndtw1 rchaelogical contents for traditional and multimedia publishing
- Preventive Archelogy and Archaelogical Impact Assessment
- Consulting activities for urban development plans and masterplan

Guido Vannini; Francesca Cheli; Marianna De Falco; Chiara Marcotulli; Michele Nucciotti; Chiara Molducci; Elisa Pruno; Lapo Somigli; Laura Torsellini.

Contacts | - +39 055 242366 -

MASSA Spin-off S.r.l.

MASSA – Scientific Methodologies and Applications for Environmental Protection – is a spin-off of the National Research Council (CNR) and the University of Florence, offering solutions to monitor and reduce the impact of environmental risk. Activity is focused principally on solving problems related to gaseous emissions into the atmosphere from landfills, industrial plants, urban and rural areas and gas stor age sites, and on the pollution of groundwater in the subsoil. MASSA Spin-off is active in research and in technology transfer, as well as a partner in numerous initiatives that give impulse to the entrepreneurial and business systems.

Piero Manetti; Giovanni Baldi.

Contacts - +39 055 6802076 -

MDM Team S.r.l.

MDM Team supplies advanced engineering consultancy and experimentation activities for the development of real and virtual prototypes using the equipment of the MDM lab, a laboratory for dynamic and mechatronic modelling of the Faculty of Engineering located in Pistoia.

Andrea Rindi; Benedetto Allotta; Paolo Toni; Enrico Meli; Susanna Papin; Luca Pugi.

Contacts | - +39 0573 308291 | +39 0545 4796529

MHC - Progetto Territorio (Soc. Cooperativa)

Mapping Hyperlocal Communities – Progetto Territorio has as its mission to introduce innovation in the methods and instruments of representation of the territorial transformations in order to increase the communicative and interactive potentials. From the integration of the areas of territorial representation and participatory planning, MHC has developed original methods of management of planning processes oriented towards substainability and description of the features of the places, particularly through the innovative use of GEO-ICTs, information Technologies and geographical communication. Such Technologies encourage the interaction with a diversified public and make visible and understandable the local values involved, their perception by the population and the consequences of the proposed transformations.
- Community Planning
- Geovisual Communication & Design
- Local Survey

Fabio Lucchesi; Massimo Carta; Sara Giacomozzi; Anna Giani; Giovanni Ruffini; Lisa Pecoriello; Francesca Rispoli; Adalgisa Rubino.

Contacts - +39 055 2480917 - +39 055 2480917 - |

Nicrem S.r.l

NICReM develops measuring instruments for non-invasive respiratory monitoring in both adults and children, offering competitive products with high usability and wearability.
NICReM allows the measuring of respiratory rate even by the nonspecialist, in a simple and reliable way, thanks to the innovative sensors.

Leonardo Masotti; Fabrizio Landi; Massimo Pistolesi; Giovanni Fontana; Marco Calzolai; Giovanni Borgioli; Alessio Carraresi.

Contacts - +39 055 9757443 | +39 342 8140839 -

NunaCode S.r.l. - Innovation in Food Education and Nutrition Control

NUNACODE built NUNA NUTRITIONAL NAVIGATOR, a professional software for end-user mobile devices the the purpose of Nutritional Control and Food Education.
NUNA NUTRITIONAL NAVIGATOR software is an innovative mobile app for healthcare professionals, patients with chronic diseases, health- conscious and sports people. NUNA has been conceived to guide the user during grocery shopping. NUNA through the barcode of food products provides nutritional information and advice (a traffic lights icon) on the purchase, according to the user's nutritional customized profile, previous purchases and the correlation with the Food Pyramid of the Mediterranean Diet.
NUNA is a simple customizable mobile software tool that allows the end-user to analyze the grocery shopping in real time. NUNA simplifies the job of the nutritionist tutor, registering and sharing the purchases data.

Alessandro Casini; Alessandro Tozzi; Francesco Tozzi.

info @ - +39 338 4063505 - |

Pnat S.r.l.

Pnat poses itself on the market as a meeting point between research and commercialization of new products, resulting from innovative technologies developed in an experimental setting by the University of Florence LINV laboratory. The combination between green crops, botany, biotech, biomimetics and design acts as a strong inspiration al base for the technological and experimental development of new products. Pnat's main focus are plants, be them for artistic installations, technological greenhouses or as an inspiration source for new materials, building products and design creations. The products are developed with the aim to improve the life of their users with accurate design joined to contemporary flair. The leading product is the Jellyfish Barge, a modular greenhouse built on a floating platform able to guarantee safe water and food supply with no impact on available resources.

Stefano Mancuso; Antonio Girardi; Cristiana Favretto; Elisa Masi; Elisa Azzarello; Camilla Pandolfi.

Contacts - - Twitter: @Pnat_project - FB:

PER Lab S.r.l.

PER Lab (Psychology, Emotions & Research Laboratory) is a spin-off of the University of Florence, in partnership with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. It offers consulting services, training and interventions for the development of Emotional Intelligence skills. Through the application of innovative tools and technologies, it promotes individual wellbeing and the achievement of success in the personal, work and academic life, fostering the creation of EMOTIONALLY SMART COMMUNITIES. Among our national and international clients are managers; professionals in the context of safety and emergency; school directors and teachers; sports doctors, coaches and athletes; people interested in enhancing their skills.

Laura Artusio; Francesca Starita; Lucia Ponti; Silvia Guarnieri; Marco Balduini; Marco Ciapetti.

Contacts - +39 339 7914021 -

Resiltech S.r.l.

ResilTech, operating since 2008, collaborates with OEM and certification institutions, for the purposes of analysis, planning, verification and validation of critical systems, ie. systems whose malfunction can provoke damages to things or people, environmental disasters, economic losses. The three main reference areas are railways, automotive and automation, but the company works also in areas such as intelligent transport, industrial control, mobile devices'security.
ResilTech pays special attention to the research and technological innovation fields, collaborating in research projects in the ICT field, often sided by academic bodies.

Andrea Bondavalli; Martina Albini; Francesco Brancati; Antonio Bovenzi; Alessandro Daidone; Fabio Duchi; Anna Esposito; Rosaria Esposito (CEO); Lorenzo Falai; Dario Finocchi; Francesco Greco; Davide Iacono; Alessandro Leporini; Massimiliano Leone Itria; Rossana Marrapese; Francesco Rossi; Gianluigi Ruggeri; Iuri Tempestini; Roberto Vanni; Lorenzo Vinerbi.

Contacts - +39 0587 212465 -


S2R - Seismic Risk Reduction S.r.l.

S2R offers SismoSafe, an integrated platform of services that covers all the issues related to the prevention and mitigation of the seismic risk and/or to the post-earthquake reconstruction of civil engineering structures.
S2R provides complete management of the building process, performed with numerical analyses and innovative design solutions.
The original scope of S2R was mainly related to the use of specific procedures to investigate and give interpretations of the data, developed by the team through past research activities.
1.Analysis and reduction of the seismic risk of existing constructions (buildings, infrastructures and hydraulic works)
2.Design support of new constructions (buildings, infrastructures and hydraulic works)
3.Specialized environmental activities (in particular geotechnical earthquake engineering)
4.Support for the development of new technologies and research projects (technology transfer through consulting, testing and certification of innovative systems)

Andrea Vignoli; Luca Bernardini; Andrea Borghini; Sonia Boschi; Alberto Ciavattone; Emanuele Del Monte; Alessandro Ghinelli; Beatrice Martelli.

Contacts | - +39 055 2758879| +39 055 2758805 -

Terza Cultura (Soc. Cooperativa) (incubated in IUF)

TERZA CULTURA is a cooperative created by a group of people who have acquired extensive experience in cultural dissemination and promotion. In partnership with the University of Florence it deals with diffusion of scientific knoledge in the areas of education, training and entertainment. The company is targeted at sites with a mission hinging on the dissemination of knowledge, such as museums, parks, research bodies, etc. .
TERZA CULTURA makes available an innovative model and offers integrated services and products that enhance and add value to scientific and technological culture.

Roberto Casalbuoni; Giulia Bebi; Stefano Errico; Flaviano Fanfani; Giovanni Lucci; Gioacchino Russo.

Contacts - +39 055 4574676 -


Valmon develops, produces and markets statistical information systems, supporting the evaluation and monitoring of services management policies, in addition to implementing statistical methods and tools designed to improve the quality of the same policies.

Bruno Bertaccini; Francesco Polverini.

Contacts - +39 055 2751505 +39 055 2751518 -

X-phase S.r.l. (incubated IUF)

X-Phase is a start-up that has been operating since 2012 in the advanced electronic design sector. Its aim is to provide customers with solutions that are tailor-made for their specific requirements.
The company is specialised in the creation of ultrasound instruments for use in the fields of non-destructive testing, biomedical applications and sonar detection.

Piero Tortoli; Luca Bassi; Enrico Boni; Andrea Cellai.

Contacts - +39 055 4574677 -

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