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First Cycle Degrees (L)
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First Cycle Degrees (L)

Below are presented all 55 First Cycle Degree ( corsi di laurea triennali - L) programmes offered in academic year 2017-2018, divided by School.

The list of courses shows the name and the corresponding degree code. While the name of the course is determined by the single universities, the degree code (classe di laurea) is decided by Ministerial decree, as to identify equivalent curricula from the different universities and give them the same legal value (art. 4, Decreto Ministeriale 270/2004).

There are different access modes depending on the programmes:

  • Set quota courses: they have a limited number of places and access is by compulsory admission test.
  • No set quota courses: no limitation to the number of students enrolled but access to exams is granted only after sitting for a self-evaluation test. The test is aimed at assessing the general knowledge of students; results will not prevent enrolment but they may indicate that supplementary courses need to be taken in order to fulfil shortfalls. Future students can sit for more than one test as each school and degree curriculum have different tests. 
  • Courses are taught entirely in Italian.



Degree code Degree name
L-25 Agricultural Sciences
L-25 Forest and Environmental Sciences
L-25 Plant Nursery Sciences, Environment and Green Areas Management
L-25 and L-26 Viticulture and Oenology
L-26 Food Technologies
L-38 Wildlife Sciences


Degree code Degree name
L-4 Industrial Design
L-17 Architectural Science
L-21 Landscape and Urban Planning


Economics and Management

Degree code Degree name
L-18 Business Administration
L-33 Economics and Commerce
L-37 Economical Development, International Social and Health Cooperation and Conflict Resolution
L-41 Statistics



Degree code Degree name
L-7 Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering - double degree
L-8 Computer Engineering
L-8 Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering
L-9 Mechanical Engineering
L-9 Management Engineering


Human Health Sciences

Degree code Degree name
L-2 Biotechnologies
L-22 Motor Sciences, Sports and Health
L-29 Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences - Quality Control & Assurance
L/SNT1 Midwifery
L/SNT1 Nursing
L/SNT2 Physiotherapy
L/SNT2 Professional Education
L/SNT2 Speech and Language Therapy
L/SNT3 Biomedical Laboratory Technologies
L/SNT3 Dietetics
L/SNT3 Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques
L/SNT3 Neurophysiopathology Techniques
L/SNT3 Orthopaedics Techniques
L/SNT4 Environment and Workplace Prevention Techniques
L/SNT4 Health Assistance


Humanities and Education

Degree code Degree name
L-1 History of Archaeology, Fine Arts, Archives and Libraries
L-3 Planning and Management of Artistic Events and Projects
L-3 Studies in Arts, Music and Theatre
L-5 Philosophy
L-10 Language and Literature Studies
L-11 Languages, Literatures and Intercultural Studies - double degree
L-19 Socio-educational Sciences
L-20 Humanities and Communication Studies
L-42 History



Degree code Degree name
L-14 Legal Services


Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences

Degree code Degree name
L-13 Biological Sciences
L-27 Chemistry
L-30 Optics and Optometry
L-30 Physics and Astrophysics
L-31 Computer Science
L-32 Natural Sciences
L-34 Geological Sciences
L-35 Mathematics
L-43 Diagnostics and Materials for Conservation and Restoration


Political Sciences "Cesare Alfieri"

Degree code Degree name
L-36 Political Sciences
L-39 Social Work



Degree code Degree name
L-24 Psychological Sciences and Techniques
last update: 26-Apr-2018
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