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 UniversityArchival System

Archival System of the University of Florence

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Current and Protocol Archive

Via La Pira,  4 – 50121 Florence
e-mail: archivio-proto(AT)
certified email: ateneo(AT)

Storage Archive

Via Cittadella, 7 - 50144 Florence
ph: 055 275 6776/6771 - fax: 055 275 6773
email: archivio-dep-storico(AT) 

Historical Archive

Via Cittadella, 7 - 50144 Florence
ph: 055 275 6774/6770 - fax: 055 275 6773
email: archivio-dep-storico(AT)
By appointment only

Privacy and accessibility rules for the consultation of archival documents

To access personal documents that are not owned by the user an authorization by their owner or any heirs is required unless the confidentiality timeframe imposed by law has elapsed (for more information see the “limitations to the consultation: confidential documents” paragraph).


Do you wish to withdraw your academic record booklet or your high school diploma?

  • To withdraw your academic record booklet and/or your diploma you should fill out the form "Modulo ritiro documenti originali" (link al modulo nella pagina studenti-modulistica).

  • Send the form, duly signed and the scanned in pdf format, together with a pdf of your photo ID fto the following address: or by fax: 055 275 6773. If you need to proxy someone else to pick up the documents you need to fill out the dedicated portion of the form and send a photo ID of the other person as well.

  • Once we receive your request we will search for your file and contact you to fix an appointment for pick up.

  • For further information please contact us at this number: 055 275 6774.

Do you want to do a historical search?

  • Do do so you need to fill out the form "Modulo di ricerca storica" (link al modulo di ricerca storica qui sotto) and send it with a PDF format copy of your photo ID to: For any doubt please contact the reference person for the Historical Archive: Fioranna Salvadori, Consultation rooms are in Via Cittadella, 7 and at Sala del Senato Accademico in piazza San Marco, 4
  • To find out which of the archival funds are accessible, please see section “Elenco delle consistenze dell’Archivio dell’Ateneo fiorentino” in the User's Guide (link alla carta dei servizi).


User’s Guide

To help users make the most of our archival resources there is a Guide containing all information on the organisation of the offices, on documents available and their access procedures.

The Guide is updated constantly and can be downloaded at the link below.

  • User’s Guide (pdf)



Form to withdraw original documents

  • Modulo ritiro documenti originali (pdf)

Form for historical searches

  • Modulo di ricerca storica (pdf)

Forms to request the reproduction of photos and films

  • Reproduction for non commercial use form (pdf)

  • Reproduction for commercial purposes form (pdf)

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