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Fees and Charges

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All university fees and contributions are paid through the PagoPA system within the GCS (Student Career Management) reserved area. How to use PagoPA.

Below is an excerpt of the information available in the Italian website and in the Student Regulations (section 13) on when and how much students are charged each year to study at the University of Florence.

Fees and charges are the same for enrolment in any of the first cycle/bachelors, second cycle/master's or single cycle degree programmes that the University offers.

Information on fees and charges for doctoral programmes and other continuing education study paths is available in the web pages of each individual course.

The total amount of enrolment charges and tuition fees for academic year 2022/2023 at the University of Florence, vary from €156 to about €2650. There is a part which is fixed for everyone (enrolment charges: €156) and another part (tuition fees) which varies according to the student's family overall income determined by the ISEE declaration.

For information on what is exactly the ISEE declaration and how to obtain it see here (in Italian) or the Italian Government's official website.

Below is a schematic overview on how the fees and charges are composed:

  • An all inclusive fee, established by the University, as provided by Law 232/2016,
  • Regional tax (€140) and stamp duty (€16), as per current legislation.

Calculate the amount with the "Tax simulator"

How the amount of the contribution is determined - 1st year students

  • For those enrolling in the first year of any degree program (first cycle/bachelor, second cycle/master's, single-cycle) the contribution is determined according to the overall family income, based on the ISEE (Indicatore Situazione Economica Equivalente).

How the amount of the contribution is determined - students of the following years

For those enrolling in the years following the first, the contribution is based on:

  • Income, based on the ISEE.

  • Regularity of studies. With reference to the fees, students are defined as regular if they have been enrolled in the number of years equal or inferior to the normal duration of the course of study, plus one. i.e. students can only fall behind one year before being considered no longer regular. For part-time students the number of enrolments is calculated proportionally.

  • Definition of 'active' student. To be considered 'active', students enrolling in the 2nd year of studies must have obtained at least 10 CFU (ECTS credits) in the previous year and before 10 August of the academic year of enrolment, whereas those enrolling in subsequent years must have obtained at least 25 CFU.


Payments are due in two instalments

  • the first one payable at the time of enrolment
  • and the second one due in the late Spring of the following calendar year. Please refer to each year's Student Regulations (Manifesto degli Studi) to find out the exact deadlines (Calendar of key deadlines).

There are late fees and interest rate charges for late payments.

Partial or total exemptions
from the payment (read more in Italian)

50% and 75% part-time students
will have respectively a 50% or 25% discount on tuition fees.

For a detailed chart of the fees and charges tiers of first year students check here.

Students enrolling in some programmes such as in the Human Health area will need to pay additional fees. For more details please check the admissions' webpages of each School.


Students with a certified disability of more than 66% and those who receive a study grant are exempt from all fees and charges except for the stamp duty (€16) (read more in Italian).


Detailed info on charges and tuition fees is in section 13 of the Student Regulations (Manifesto degli Studi) in Italian.


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