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PhD Programmes

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The Dottorato di Ricerca (Research Doctorate-PhD) constitutes the third cycle of education provided by the Italian academic system and it is functional to the acquisition of the skills which are necessary to undertake highly qualified research activities in universities, public and private institutions.
The duration of the course is normally of 36 months, starting date being scheduled at 1 November for every academic year. The admission is through a public competitive examination.
The title of Dottore di Ricerca (Ph.D) is awarded after the defence (or discussion) of the final thesis and upon completion of all the procedures necessary to finalise the candidate's career.
In the context of the internationalization of research, the University of Florence promotes the development of co-tutored doctoral theses, on the basis of specific collaboration agreements with foreign universities and the institution of International Doctoral programmes with the issue of a double or joint degree.

In the academic year 2020/21 the University of Florence is the headquarter of  24 Ph.D. Programmes in the following areas: BiomedicalScientificSocial SciencesTechnologicalHumanistic.
  • Biomedical Area
    Drug Research and Innovative Treatments; 
    Tuscany Ph.D. in Neurosciences (Pegaso); 
    Clinical Sciences; 
    Biomedical Sciences.
  • Scientific Area
    Physics and Astronomy; 
    International Doctorate in Atomic and Molecular Photonics; 
    International Doctorate in Structural Biology; 
    Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics; 
    Chemical Sciences.
  • Social Sciences Area
    Development Economics and Local System (DELoS); 
    Legal Sciences.
  • Technological Area
    Architecture and Design Cultures, Knowledge and Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage; 
    Sustainable Management of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Resources; 
    Industrial Engineering; 
    International Doctorate in Civil and Environmental Engineering (Pegaso); 
    Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; 
    Smart Computing (Pegaso); 
    Sustainability and Innovation for the Design of Built Environment and System Product.
  • Humanistic Area: Philology, Italian Literature and Linguistics; 
    Comparative Languages, Literatures and Cultures; 
    Education Sciences and Psychology; 
    History of Art and Performing Arts (Pegaso); 
    Historical Studies.
The University of Florence also participates as a partner in 12 Ph.D. Programmes in consortium agreement with the following Italian universities: Pisa, Siena, Parma and Torino.
  • Ph.D. Pegaso Programmes with headquarter at the University of Pisa
    Classical Studies and Archaeology; 
    Computer Science; 
    Business Administration and Management; 
    Earth Sciences; Smart Industry; 
  • Ph.D. Pegaso Programmes with headquarter at the University of Siena
    Genetics, Oncology and Clinical Medicine; 
    Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; 
    Molecular Medicine; 
  • Ph.D. Programme with headquarter at the University of Parma
    Evolutionary Biology and Ecology.
  • Ph.D. Programme with headquarter at the University of Torino
    Political and Social Change.

Academic year 2020-2021

Cycle 36

Call and information | Deadline for applications 10th July 2020 at 12 (midday)

PhD programme and Internationalisation

PhDs and Business

Complementary Skills 2020/2021

University of Florence internal reference regulations

  • Regulations for the accreditation, establishment and operation of PhD courses D.R. 670/2013 (pdf in Italian)
  • Regulations for the registration of the PhD thesis D.R. 1238/2012 (pdf)