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Enrolment of non-EU students residing abroad

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First cycle (bachelor's) degree or single cycle degree

Non-EU students residing abroad who intend to enrol in the first year of a first cycle (bachelor) degree (laurea triennale, L) or single cycle degree (laurea magistrale a ciclo unico, LM c.u.) must:

  • have obtained a valid qualification for access to university courses at the end of a school period of at least 12 years. If the qualification was obtained following a shorter schooling period, consult the ministerial provisions on the Ministry website, annex 1 (pdf)
  • submit the pre-registration application, via Universitaly portal, to the Italian Representation in the country of origin within the deadline set by the Ministry.

Second cycle (master's) degree

Non-EU students who intend to enrol in a second cycle (master's degree) (laurea magistrale, LM) program:

Prospective first-year students need to follow the guidelines contained in the master’s degrees page (laurea magistrale) which concern pre-requisites, evaluation requests and matriculation applications.

Pre-enrollment application

Non-EU citizens have to apply for pre-enrollment via the Universitaly platform - already open for the 2024/2025 academic year, by the deadline published on the dedicated website of the Ministry.

Deadline for the pre-enrollment

  • For non-restricted access degree programs: 31 July 2024
  • For restricted access degree programs: applicants have to consult the deadline published in the relvant calls for applications

Important information: The validation of the pre-enrollment application by the University does not grant:

  • Any right to obtain the entry visa, since the issuance of visas falls under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian diplomatic missions abroad

  • Any right to be enrolled in one’s intended degree program. Before completing the prospective students enrollment, the University has to verify the validity and authenticity of the entry qualification through the dichiarazione di valore or CIMEA certificates of comparability and verification sent by the prospects.

It is highly recommended that prospective students request the dichiarazione di valore to the competent Italian diplomatic mission or CIMEA certificates of comparability and verification via Diplome well in advance of the beginning of 2024/25 a.y. classes (16 September 2024).

Italian language knowledge test

Non-EU citizens residing abroad, who intend to enroll in a three-year degree, single-cycle master's degree or master's degree taught in Italian, must take an Italian language knowledge test, except the cases of exemption.

How to submit the admission application (immatricolazione)

Information for the a.y. 2024/2025 will be available on the relevant Manifesto degli Studi.

For a.y. 2023/2024 to enroll in any bachelor, master and combined cycle degree programmes, you need to register with the Online student services first and then complete the online application starting from 13 July 2023 up to 8 November 2023.
At the end of the registration, the system will calculate the matriculation tuition and fees bill which must be paid within the aforementioned deadlines - 8 November 2023 (see fees and charges or the Manifesto degli studi, section 13 for all fees and charges information).
Only when enrolling in unrestricted access courses is it possible to fill in the online enrolment application or pay the fees calculated by the system even beyond the deadline and until 15 December 2023. However please note that the late payment will incur an additional administrative charge of € 100.
Students who have passed the Italian knowledge test and, for courses with restricted access, also the required admission test, must complete the online application and upload the following documentation:

  • First Cycle / Bachelor (laurea triennale, L) and combined degrees (laurea magistrale a ciclo unico, LM c.u.)
    • educational qualification (read more in Study titles obtained outside of Italy)
    • scan of the passport with a visa for university study purposes (per studio/immatricolazione università)
    • scanned copy of a valid residence permit or receipt of the residence permit application

  • Second Cycle / Master’s degrees (laurea magistrale, LM)
    • bachelor-level academic title (read more in Study titles obtained outside of Italy)
    • Diploma Supplement, legalized or apostilled, or a certificate with the indication of university exams taken, legalized or apostilled and translated into Italian. If written in English, French or Spanish, it does not require translation into Italian
    • Nullaosta (in Italian), i.e. the clearance document, issued by the Academic Board of the School of interest.

  • Restricted access programmes
    • To submit the application for enrolment in these programmes the students must follow the instructions and comply with the deadlines indicated in the admission notices to each course (see the Verification tests and admission test page - in Italian).

At the end of the procedure, the student must send an email to the International desk - internationaldesk(AT) - to communicate its completion.

Reallocation to a degree program

Reallocation to a degree program with restricted access at the University of Florence. Information in 'Domanda di riassegnazione' (Italian website).

Tuition fees and fee waivers

The amount of tuition fees vary depending on the overall financial situation of the student family and on other criteria related to the merit. Partial and total fee waivers are also possible under certain conditions. More information are available in Fees and Charges.

International Students Guide

Read also Iscrizione contemporanea a due corsi di formazione superiore (in Italian).

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