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Enrolment of EU students and levelled non-EU students

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Admission to the first year of EU students and EU-equivalent non-EU students

European Union students and non-EU students who are considered equivalent to European Union students must follow the procedure for admission to the first cycle (Bachelor's) degree (corsi di laurea triennali - L) and combined cycle degree (laurea magistrale a ciclo unico LM c.u.) and second cycle (Master's) degree (corsi di laurea magistrali) in order to enroll.

See also Immatricolazione ai corsi di laurea triennale e magistrale a ciclo unico and  Immatricolazione ai corsi di laurea magistrale for further info in Italian.

Cases of equivalence of non-EU students to European Union students

The following non-EU students are considered equivalent to EU students:

  • those who have an EU residence permit for long-term residents (formerly called carta di soggiorno);
  • those who have a residence permit valid for employment or self-employment, family reasons, political asylum, subsidiary protection, religious reasons, social protection, victims of domestic violence, calamity, particular labour exploitation, acts of special civil merit, special protection (art.32 para. 3 of Legislative Decree no. 25 of 28 January 2008);
  • those who have a current residence permit for study reasons enrolled in the previous academic years for a bachelor’s or a master's degree course at an Italian university;
  • the citizens of Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein
  • the citizens of Switzerland
  • the citizens of the Republic of San Marino
  • employees in service in foreign diplomatic representations and in international organizations based in Italy, accredited to the Italian State or the Holy See, their spouses, and dependent children.

In the case of dual citizenship, one of which is Italian, the Italian one prevails.

A non-European Union student applying for or holding a residence permit for asylum, subsidiary protection, disaster, or special protection may enrol presenting to the competent Student Admin Offices just their academic qualification, in original or in a certified copy, and the CIMEA certificate of comparability. Who can request a CIMEA certificate of comparability:
  • holders of residence permits for asylum or subsidiary protection, by email to diplome(at)
  • holders of residence permits for disasters or special protection or applicants for one of the above-mentioned permits, by registering on the portal MyDiploma 
A non-EU student who has applied for asylum to obtain refugee status may enrol, under condition, to a course at the University. If the student acquires political refugee status, enrolment remains active; otherwise, the student's status lapses.
A non-European Union student who holds a residence permit for asylum or subsidiary protection, who lacks the documentation necessary for access to undergraduate and graduate-level university education or who has partial documentation, may apply for an assessment of his/her qualification (art. VII of the Convention on the Recognition of higher education diplomas in the European Region, 11 April 1997, ratified in Italy by Law n. 148 of 11 July 2002).
Read also Incompatibilità (in Italian).

International Students Guide (pdf)
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