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Exchange Students within Cooperation Agreements

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The University of Florence has signed several cultural and scientific collaboration agreements with foreign universities and provide for the mutual exchange of students, researchers and professors. The participating students, who are regularly enrolled at their home University, are not required to pay any further tuition fees at the host university as per said reciprocal agreements.

Who can participate to the exchange

All students enrolled in a foreign university with which the University of Florence has signed a reciprocity agreement.

The duration of the study period is negotiated between the student and the coordinator of the agreement at the University of Florence and must be specified in the letter of acceptance.

You can consult the list of such institutions: Cooperation Agreements.

Deadlines for participation

There is no set deadline to request the letter of acceptance. The exchange agreement process can be initiated anytime.


To participate in an exchange, students enrolled in a foreign university with whom there is an agreement with the University of Florence must follow the selection procedure provided by the agreement at the home university.

Successful candidates should then contact the professor coordinating the agreement at the University of Florence via the international relations office of their home university, in order to request of the acceptance letter, which must necessarily indicate the duration of the mobility programme.

Students from non-EU countries

After receiving the acceptance letter, students residing outside the European Union must request a visa for study purposes at the Embassy or Consulate of Italy in their country of residence.

Within 8 working days of arrival in Italy, students must apply for a residence permit at the dedicated immigration counters present in most Post Offices (Sportello Amico). The Immigration Desk of the Municipality of Florence can also provide assistance for the completion of the application for a residence permit.

Please note: a good working knowledge of Italian is essential to deal successfully with the public administration offices.

Note also that all courses offered by the University of Florence are held in Italian unless otherwise specified. For info on the courses held in English please refer to the relevant page.

How and where to apply

In-person Mobility

Students must register on the registration portal and then send the following documents, within the terms of the agreement between the universities, by email to the International Desk - Internationaldesk(at) :
  • Letter of acceptance of the University teaching staff member in charge of the agreement, indicating the period of study
  • Copy of passport with entry visa for “study reasons” (for non-EU citizens) or copy of valid ID (in the case of EU citizens)
  • A copy of the valid residence permit or the application for a residence permit accompanied by a copy of the passport with the specific entry visa for non-tourist reasons (for citizens outside the European Union);
  • Printed form (CS_02 form available on the forms webpage) with indication of the agreed subjects

Remote mobility

Students must follow the same procedure as in-person mobility and send all the documents listed above, except for the entry visa and residence permit.

Blended mobility

Students will follow the same procedure as for in-person mobility, committing themselves to communicate to the International Desk the variations of the type of mobility, in order to allow the verification of all necessary documentation.

After the enrolment

Once the procedure has been completed, students will receive the Libretto universitario (the personal academic record booklet where all exams passed will be registered), that will give access to the library services and some of the campuses with turnstile entrances.
Students will also receive a user ID and a password to access the University online services. The password has to be changed at the first access.

Academic calendar and exams

Information on the academic calendar, class timetable and exam periods are different for each School and are available in their respective websites. Read more in Single subjects (Corsi singoli)

Exam enrolment and procedure are the same for every student, be they regular or exchange.

Modification of the study programme

Any variations in the choice of the courses must be communicated as soon as possible to the International Desk giving complete details about the courses to be changed.

Services and opportunities

Exchange students can have access to all the services and opportunities offered by the University. Check the section University Life for more details.

Italian Language Courses

Students can enrol to one course of Italian language free of charge, if interested.

Please note that all language courses offered by UNIFI and CLA (Centro Linguistico di Ateneo) start from A2 level upwards. The only A1 level course offered is held during the month of September.

Preliminary enrolment for Italian language courses can be done online. Fill in the application form from the CLA website.

At the end of the exchange period

Students have to return their Libretto to the International Desk so that all exams taken and passed can be registered. Students need to provide a valid email address of their home university where to forward the official record of attendance and results achieved.

The participating universities intend to encourage student mobility according to a principle of reciprocity. According to the exchange programs, the host institution will make available to host students their learning facilities and tutorial services.
Upon the approval of the appropriate administrative bodies, exchange students will be given academic credits for the work done at the foreign institution.
Universities participating in this exchange agree that no registration or any other fee will be levied, except those stamp duties required by the law of the country.

Enrolment of students within cooperation agreements:

  • Application procedure for EU citizens (pdf)
  • Application procedure for non-EU citizens residing abroad (pdf) - application form for educational activities (rtf - pdf)

International Students Guide (pdf)