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 StudentsRecognition of Foreign Qualifications

Recognition of a Foreign Academic Qualifications

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Application for recognition of a foreign academic qualification

Without prejudice to bilateral agreements on the subject (see Manifesto, section 11.1, note 9), the University of Florence can recognize cycles and study carried out abroad and foreign qualifications for the following purposes:

  • continuation of university studies
  • achievement of Italian university degrees

For purposes other than those listed above (such as participation to public competitions or access to board-certified professions) the application must be presented to other public. For more information please visit the CIMEA website ((the service is suspended until early 2024, read more in the CIMEA website).

The student can request the recognition of a foreign academic qualification, issued by a state-level or legally recognized university-level institution, to achieve a first cycle/bachelor’s, single cycle or second cycle/master's degree offered by the University of Florence.

Unrestricted access programmes
: The application for the recognition (form RE_01 is available on the modulistica page) must be submitted from 13 July 2023 to 8 November 2023, to the International Desk (after booking through the UFirst system) or sent by certified email to internationaldesk(AT), indicating in the subject line "application for recognition of foreign qualification". It is also possible to apply for approval from 9 November 2023 to 15 December 2023, paying an administrative charge of 100 euro, only for unrestricted access programmes.

Restricted access programmes
: When seeking admission to restricted access programmes, the application for recognition must be submitted according to the deadlines and procedures set out in the appropriate admission announcements for the years following the first published on corsi di laurea a numero programmato page ore on the Schools' websites.

The student must indicate the study programme at the University of Florence for which they require recognition of equivalence of their title. The following documents must also be attached to the application:

  • Copy of a valid ID
  • Receipt of the payment of 30 euro for administrative charges, and 16 euro for stamp duty, as indicated in the form
  • Secondary education title
  • Foreign academic title
  • Diploma supplement in English or statement of academic record legalised or apostilled, with translation in Italian. Documents written in English, French and Spanish do not need to be translated in Italian.
  • Syllabuses of all exams passed legalised or apostilled, with translation in Italian. Documents written in English, French and Spanish do not need to be translated in Italian.

The documents must be validated in one of the ways referred to on the page Study titles obtained outside of Italy

Total or partial recognition of academic titles

The teaching unit of the chosen study program evaluates the student's request and decides:

  • a) the total recognition of the studies carried out abroad, with consequent issuance of a Rectoral Decree of Equivalence
  • b) a partial recognition of the studies carried out abroad, indicating the year of enrolment, the approved cohort and examinations, and the examinations and credits to be acquired in order to obtain the required qualification.
    In this case, the student can enrol in the chosen course and should do what applies to their case:
    • Unrestricted-access courses: check on the Schools' websites and in the regulations of the chosen degree course whether and how the students will have to take the knowledge test for incoming students.
    • First-year of study programs with restricted access: The student must pass the admission test regulated in the appropriate Course Admission Notice, and get a successful position in the ranking;
    • Second and following years of study programs with restricted access: Follow the terms and conditions provided for in the appropriate Admission Notices to the years after the first, published by June on the Schools' websites. 

Continuation of the academic career

If the teaching unit decides the partial recognition of the studies carried out abroad, the student can enrol in the corresponding study course in the following ways: 
  • Non-European citizens residing abroad should follow the procedure indicated on the page: Admission of Non-European Union students residing abroad (Manifesto, section 4). 
  • Citizens of the European Union and non-European Union citizens treated as equivalent need to submit their enrolment in the course of study at the International Desk within 30 days of the communication of the outcome of their application for admission (see Immatricolazioni, Manifesto, Section 3 - in Italian).
In the event that the student has not completed the enrolment within the deadline, he or she must resubmit the application for recognition, which must be reviewed by the competent teaching unit.

Read also Study titles obtained outside of Italy and Iscrizione contemporanea a due corsi di formazione superiore (in Italian).