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 Third MissionPublic Engagement Activities

Public Engagement Activities

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Public engagement defines the set of not-for-profit activities aimed at a non-academic public, with an educational, cultural and developmental value of the society through which the University communicates the benefits of education and its research outcomes. These initiatives include concerts, theatrical performances, film shows, sporting events, exhibitions, publications, programs, websites, social channels, activities involving schools and participatory democracy initiatives.

The University of Florence permanently promotes public engagement initiatives throughout the year with the aim of creating new relationships with the territory and society, in accordance with the provisions of the 'third mission'.

The University takes part in APEnet, the Italian universities and research institutes association that recognize the role and importance of values and actions of public engagement.

Cultural and dissemination activities of the University


BRIGHT-NIGHT - The European Researchers' Night


This is an initiative promoted by the European Commission to spread scientific culture and knowledge of the research professions. For the realization of this event, the University of Florence takes part in the BRIGHT-NIGHT regional consortium supported and coordinated by the Region of Tuscany - Giovanisì. Characteristic of the initiative is the widespread involvement of researchers from all departments of the University, protagonists of scientific conversations, workshops, demonstrations and shows on a wide range of topics. The objective of BRIGHT-NIGHT is also the involvement of the cultural institutions of the city and the Municipality of Florence.
Visit Bright Night website.


unifi extra

With the aim of enhancing the University's actions in collaboration with the community for the social, cultural and economic development of the area, the UNIFI EXTRA 2023 call for proposals was issued to fund public engagement projects. The projects, developed with the contribution of several departments or centres and facilities of the University, are expected to have a high impact on the target groups.

The projects (in Italian)



Summer scientific dissemination week dedicated to children and families. It offers activities for all ages:  interactive workshops, demonstrations, games, experiments, workshops, performances, guided tours of departments and research centers, lectures and more. The event takes place between Florence and the Sesto Fiorentino campus, to discover the places of university research, integrating scientific dissemination with initiatives in collaboration with the University Museum System.
ScienzEstate is created by OpenLab, the University's scientific dissemination service and and takes place in June and September. 2023 edition (in Italian)

Performing arts activities


The Theater Company, the University Choir and the University Orchestra offer students, teaching and technical-administrative staff the opportunity to participate and have direct experience of live performance. They promote events open to the public throughout the year and participate in official ceremonies.



Online publication in Italian of the University that reports on research and its outcomes, initiatives and events, relations with the territory and companies, ideas, projects, stories, people that make the University of Florence a point of reference for the national and international community.
Concluded events

Encounters with the Town - program of the event (in Italian)

The society that will come. Conversations on the screen program of the events (in Italian)

700 anni di Danteprogram of the events (in Italian)



Unità Funzionale Public Engagement e Alumni

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