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Request to check self-certifications

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The University, in compliance with the principles of Legislative Decree no. 82/2005 et seq. (Digital Administration Code), makes available to public administrations and public service providers, for the performance of their institutional tasks, direct and free telematic access to the career data of their students and graduates, via the “Esse3 PA” database.

Service agreement for the verification of self-certifications

Public administrations and public service providers interested in using the database should:

  1. complete and digitally sign on behalf of the legal representative the Request for authorisation to access the “Esse3 PA” database (rtf - doc - pdf) of the University of Florence, according to the service agreement for web access (pdf) and in compliance with what is described therein;
  2. indicate in the request form the name of the contact person responsible for access (if different from the legal representative), the names of the persons to be authorised to use the service (maximum 3), the public and static IP addresses that will be able to access the service and the institutional purposes pursued;
  3. it is mandatory to enclose with the request a copy of a valid identity document and the tax code of the person(s) referred to in point 2);
  4. send the documents referred to in points 1) and 3) to the University's certified e-mail address ateneo(AT) The sender's PEC (certified e-mail) must be the same as that of the requesting institution.

Accredited institutions will be able to access the database after receiving their credentials, which will be sent to the personal institutional email address of the persons in charge mentioned in point 2) above.
After receiving credentials, accredited institutions will be able to access the database.

  • Information on the processing of personal data of accredited users (pdf)

Self-certification checks for data not in the “Esse3 PA” database or on behalf of private parties

Post-graduate traineeships (also for professional qualification)

To request verification of self-certified data relating to postgraduate traineeships not recorded in Esse3 PA, write to:

  • tirocini(AT) for traineeships for access to the Psychologist state examination;
  • stages(AT) for all other postgraduate traineeships.

Languages at the Centro Linguistico di Ateneo (CLA) for non-enrolled students

To request confirmation of language courses taken at the University Language Centre by non-enrolled students, please contact:

  • cla(AT)

Public Administrations - Data not present in Esse3 PA or negative outcome of the search

Public administrations requesting verification of data not present in “Esse3 PA”, or in the event of a negative outcome of the search, must send requests for verification of veracity to the University's certified e-mail address, ateneo(AT)
Some examples, not all-inclusive, of non-verifiable course types in Esse3 PA: ISEF, Specialisation Schools before 1999, Professional Qualifications up to the 1st session of 1982

Private parties

In the case of a verification of veracity submitted by a private individual (natural or legal person), the request must be accompanied by the written consent of the person(s) who issued the declaration in lieu of certification or affidavit. 
A front and back copy of a valid identity document of the person(s) making the declaration in lieu must be attached to the written consent.
In these cases, requests must be sent to the University's certified e-mail address, ateneo(AT), or, if they do not have a pec, to archivio-proto(AT)

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