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Research Labs

Research Labs

Joint laboratories between the university and external bodies

The University of Florence is very active in developing partnerships with the industry, especially in the fields of industrial research and experimentation in the biomedical, technological and natural sciences areas.
Businesses account for the majority of the almost 500 yearly contracts.

Research is carried out at the many facilities available in different campuses and has a number of diverse commissioning bodies, such as  third-parties, university consortia and joint ventures with other enterprises.

Third-party commissioned research

Joint research labs can be set up between the university and other public or private enterprises to respond to an individual Research and Development project compatible with the university mission and scope.
A specific agreement between the University and the third party is drafted outlining the research objectives, the funding sources, the use of the university facilities and the relations and obligations between the subjects.

CSAVRI (Centro di Servizi di Ateneo per la Valorizzazione della Ricerca e la gestione dell'Incubatore universitario) acts as the reference point to set-up, coordinate and monitor third-party research projects.

List of active third party research Labs (Italian)

last update: 18-July-2018