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Second Cycle Degrees (LM)
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Second Cycle Degrees (LM)

To access Second Cycle Degree programmes (laurea magistrale - LM) students need to have previously obtained a First Cycle Degree (Bachelor's - laurea triennale) - 3 years of study and 180 credits.

Below are presented all 67 Second Cycle Degree (Master's) programmes offered during academic year 2017-2018, divided by School.

The list of courses shows the name and also the degree code. While the name of the course is determined by the single universities, the degree code (classe di laurea) is decided by Ministerial decree, as to identify equivalent curricula from the different universities and give them the same legal value (art. 4, Decreto Ministeriale 270/2004).

There are different access modes depending on the programmes:

  • Set quota courses: they have a limited number of places and access is by compulsory admission test.
  • No set quota courses: no limitation to the number of students enrolled. Access is granted after approval by the Education Committee of the chosen course, to whom all information of regarding the candidate's academic curriculum and previous skills must be submitted.


Application process - applying for assessment of previous qualifications  (pdf)

Courses are taught entirely in Italian
, unless otherwise specified. Consult the list of courses taught in English.




Degree code Degree name
LM-07 Biotechnology for Environmental Management and Sustainable Agriculture (BIO-EMSA)
LM-69 Agricultural Sciences and Technologies
LM-69 Natural Resources Management for Tropical Rural Development (in English)
LM-70 Food Science and Technology
LM-73 Forest Systems Science and Technology
LM-86 Wildlife Sciences and Management


Degree code Degree name
LM-03 and LM-69 Landscape Architecture
LM-04 Architecture (Curricula Architectural Design - in English)
LM-12 Design
LM-12 Fashion System Design
LM-48 Urban and Regional Planning and Design


Economics and Management

Degree code Degree name
LM-16 Finance and Risk Management (in English - double degree)
LM-49 Design of Sustainable Tourism Systems (in English)
LM-56 Economic Science
LM-56 Economics and Development (in English - double degree)
LM-77 Management and Business Administration
LM-82 Statistics, Actuarial and Financial Science



Degree code Degree name
LM-21 Biomedical Engineering
LM-23 Civil Engineering
LM-24 Electrical and Automation Engineering
LM-27 Telecommunications Engineering
LM-29 Electronics Engineering
LM-30 Energy Engineering
LM-32 Computer Engineering
LM-33 Mechanical Engineering
LM-35 Geo-Engineering (in English)
LM-35 Environmental Engineering - double degree


Human Health Sciences

Degree code Degree name
LM-/SNT1 Nursing and Midwifery
LM-/SNT2 Health Professions – Rehabilitation
LM-/SNT3 Health Professions – Diagnostic Techniques
LM-/SNT4 Health Professions – Prevention
LM-9 Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
LM-61 Food Science
LM-67 and LM-68 Science and Technology of Sports and Preventive and Adapted Activities


Humanities and Education


Degree code Degree name
LM-1 and LM-80 Geographical and Anthropological Studies
LM-2 Archaeology
LM-5 Archives and Libraries
LM-14 Modern Philology - double degree
LM-15 Ancient Philology, Literature and History
LM-36 Languages and Cultures of Ancient and Modern East
LM-37 European and American Languages and Literatures
(Bilateral Studies: Italian-German and Bilateral Studies: Italian-Hungarian double degree)
LM-50 School Leadership and Clinical Pedagogy
LM-57 and LM-85 Adult and Continuing Education and Sciences of Pedagogy (double degree)
LM-65 Performing Arts
LM-78 Logic, Philosophy and History of Science
LM-78 Philosophical Studies
LM-84 History
LM-89 History of Art
LM-92 Theories of Communication


Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences

Degree code Degree name
LM-6 Biology
LM-8 Molecular Biotechnologies
LM-11 Science and Materials for Cultural Heritage Conservation
LM-17 Physical and Astrophysical Sciences
LM-18 Computer Science (in English)
LM-40 Mathematics - double degree
LM-54 Chemical Sciences - double degree
LM-60 Nature and Human Sciences
LM-74 Geology Science and Technology


Political Sciences "Cesare Alfieri"

Degree code Degree name
LM-52 e LM-90 International Relations and European Studies (in English - double degree)
LM-59 Public and Political Communication Strategies
LM-62 Politics, Institutions and Markets
LM-87 Planning and Implementing Social Policies
LM-88 Sociology and Social Research



Degree code Degree name
LM-51 Psychology of the Life Cycle and Contexts
LM-51 Clinical and Health Psychology and Neuropsychology


last update: 02-May-2018
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