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Incoming Erasmus Students

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Prior to arrival

Before the scheduled beginning of the period of study in Florence, the students selected in their home institution within the framework of the Erasmus programme,  should send to the Servizio Relazioni Internazionali of the relevant School the student mobility proposal form, made up of enrolment form (rtf - pdf) plus learning agreement (rtf - pdf). Make sure the forms are duly filled in in all their sections and carry signature and stamp of the University of origin and that of destination where applicable.

Italian Language Knowledge

The University of Florence requires incoming foreign students to have sufficient knowledge of Italian before their arrival. It is difficult to fruitfully attend courses or deal with administration issues not having a knowledge of Italian corresponding at least to B1 level.

Every School then has specific pre-requisites. Please check on the website of the School/courses you intend to take for more information.

Please note that all language courses offered by Unifi and Centro Linguistico di Ateneo (CLA) start from A2 level upwards. The only A1 level course offered is held during the month of September.

Preliminary enrolment for Italian language courses can be done online. Fill in the application form from the CLA website.

Duration of the Erasmus Programme

The Erasmus study mobility goes from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 12.

Citizens of the European Union

EU citizens, with a mobility period of more than 90 days, must register with the Municipal Registry Office (Anagrafe) once they arrive in Florence.

Non-EU Citizens

Non-EU citizens must be in possession of a valid passport and, where required, entry visa for study purposes issued by the Italian representatives of the state of origin or last residence.

Non-EU citizens, with a mobility period of more than 90 days, must also obtain 3 receipts, issued by the Post Office upon filling in the kit provided at the Sportello Amico Counter, where they must present themselves within 8 days of entry into Italy, to obtain the residence permit. The Immigration Desk of the Municipality of Florence provides support to fill in the forms.

International Students Guide (pdf)

Practical information for your stay in Italy (in Italian)

Upon arrival

In order to proceed with enrolment, students should go to the International Relations Office of their chosen School to start the enrolment procedure, and then to the Sportello Erasmus ( Erasmus Front Office) to hand over the following documents:

  • application form (Enrolment Form plus Learning Agreement) duly signed and stamped by the Erasmus coordinators of both institutions,
  • a copy of the passport or ID card,
  • 2 passport size photos
  • Tax Identification number

Once the procedure has been completed, students will receive the Libretto universitario (The personal academic record booklet where all exams passed will be registered) and the magnetic Student Card that will give access to the library services and some of the campuses with turnstile entrances.

On the Libretto is marked the student number (matricola) which is the user id for online services. The password for the first access is the student's date of birth in the format DDMMYYYY, which will have to be changed after the first access.

Academic calendar and exams

Information on the academic calendar, class timetable and exam periods are different for each School and are available in their respective websites.

Exam enrolment and procedure are the same for every student, be they regular or exchange.

Services and opportunities

Erasmus students can have access to all the services and opportunities offered by the University. Check the section University Life for more details.

Modification of the Learning Agreement and extension of the study period

To carry out any of the above, students need to go to the Servizio Relazioni Internazionali of their School. Learning Agreements can be modified only once per semester and following the deadlines of each School. Changes to the Agreement can be made no later than one month before the expiry date marked on the libretto.

It is possible to extend the Erasmus programme stays, but the total duration cannot exceed 12 months and must terminate by 30 September.

Before departure

Students have to return their Student Card to the School's Erasmus Front Office. There they will receive an official certificate stating the period of attendance at the University of Florence and the list of exams passed.

Note: according to the EC programmes students are not required to pay university admission fees during their stay abroad, however, they will be required to pay any stamp duty levied according to national laws for certificates issued upon the student's request. The stamp duty normally amounts to €16 and can be purchased in any kiosk or tobacco shop marked with a big White T on black background sign.

The costs of materials such as books, photocopies, etc. are the students’ responsibility.