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Erasmus Students
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Incoming Erasmus Students


  • Studiare a Firenze. Handbook for students at the University of Florence (pdf)

Prior to arrival

Before the scheduled beginning of the period of study in Florence, students - selected in their home institution within the framework of the Erasmus programme - should send to the Servizio Relazioni Internazionali of the relevant School the Student Mobility Proposal Form (made up of Enrolment Form plus Learning Agreement).

  • Enrolment form (rtf - pdf)
  • Learning Agreement (rtf - pdf)

Students can also register online for the free Italian Language Course, if interested. 

The University of Florence strongly advises incoming foreign students to achieve a sufficient knowledge of Italian before their arrival. It is difficult to fruitfully attend courses not having a knowledge of Italian corresponding at least to B1 level.
Please note that all language courses offered by UNIFI and CLA (Centro Linguistico di Ateneo) start from A2 level upwards. The only A1 level course offered is held during the month of September.

Enrolment for Italian language courses can be done online only. Fill in the application form from the CLA website

Upon arrival

In order to proceed with enrolment, students should go to the Sportello Erasmus (Erasmus Front Office) and hand over the application form (Enrolment Form plus Learning Agreement) duly signed and stamped by the the Erasmus coordinators of both institutions, a copy of the passport or ID card, 2 passport photos.

Once the procedure has been completed, students will receive the Student Card that will give access to the library services and some of the campuses with turnstyle entrances.

Before departure

Students have to return their Student Card to the school's Erasmus Front Office. There they will receive an official certificate stating the period of attendance at the University of Florence and the list of exams passed.

Note: according to the EC programmes students are not required to pay university admission fees during their stay abroad, however the University of Florence cannot avoid any tax levied according to national laws on certificates issued by public offices. The costs of materials such as books, photocopies, etc. are the students’ responsibility.


last update: 07-Feb-2018
Home page > Students > Erasmus Students