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Incoming Erasmus Students

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Info at a glance



To carry out Erasmus mobility at the University of Florence, you must follow the directions described for each stage of mobility:

This page summarizes mobility information for all Unifi Schools. Always also consult the pages of the International Relations Offices of your Unifi School.

Before arriving in Florence



Each partner university must first notify the official nomination of the student to the School's International Relations Service. The deadlines to receive nominations from partner universities are:

  • first semester/full academic year mobilities: by May 31 of each year;
  • second semester mobilities: by October 31 of each year. 

After the nomination, you will receive an email from the relevant School's International Relations Service indicating the documents to be completed and sent within the deadline set by UniFi. The deadlines to receive the application from the student are:

  • first semester/full academic year mobilities: by June 30 each year;
  • second semester mobilities: by November 30 each year.


Documents required
  • Enrolment form - Domanda di iscrizione (rtf - pdf)
    To be filled out in its entirety, including data on the home university, your personal information, and the academic field and period of study. Your home university must sign and stamp the form, or the application will not be accepted.
  • Learning agreement - Accordo didattico (rtf - pdf)
    Must report the exams chosen, the number of credits, and the exam code identified. The student and the Erasmus Coordinator of the home university must sign the document and complete it with the university’s stamp.
  • Copy of a photo ID
  • For citizens from outside the European Union, also a copy of their valid residence permit in the country of their home university 

Check the website of the Unifi School of destination if additional documents are required.

The School’s International Relations Office verifies that your documentation is correct, signs the Learning Agreement and sends you formal “acceptance as an Erasmus mobility student at the University of Florence” email, along with useful information for your stay in Florence, including instructions for requesting your tax identification number (“codice fiscale”).

Before arriving in Florence, please register online by entering your personal information (see the instructions pdf).

Language knowledge

Incoming exchange students must provide:

  • Certified B1 level of Italian mandatory to attend courses held in Italian;
  • Certified B2 level of English mandatory to attend courses held in English, if applicable.

For questions regarding language requirements or accepted certifications refer to the relevant School

Please note that, even in the case of enrolling only in courses taught in English, a knowledge of the Italian language corresponding to B1 level is strongly recommended for day-to-day life at the University and more generally in Florence.

To improve your language level, the Centro Linguistico di Ateneo (CLA) offers a free Italian language course once you arrive in Florence and complete your check-in. Information and how to register on the CLA website.


Erasmus mobility for studies involves being able to go abroad for a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 12 months.

Practical information

Check out the pages Welcome to Unifi for a brief introduction to the city and the University, including possibilities for accommodation and other practical information for your stay in Italy.

Upon arrival in Florence: check-in


The start date of the Erasmus period coincides with the business day (Monday to Friday) following your travel day as certified by your travel document (e.g., airline ticket, boarding pass, train ticket, highway toll payment receipt, etc.).

For mobilities taking place in the first semester of the academic year 2023/2024, if you arrive before September 4, 2023 the start date of your Erasmus mobility period will automatically be September 4. For mobilities taking place in the second semester of the academic year 2023/2024, if you arrive before February 5, 2024 the start date of your Erasmus mobility period will automatically be February 5. (n.b. These dates are subject to annual change in relation to the expected start date of the lessons as per the Didactic calendar).

  • For the Schools of Architecture, Business and Management, Law, Psychology, Humanities and Education, and Political Science, send an email to erasmusdesk-presnovoli(AT)
  • For the Schools of Agriculture, Engineering, Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, and Human Health Sciences, send an email to the International Relations Office of the School

Attach a copy of your travel document to your email. If the travel document is not in your name, specify this in the email, and the Office will get back to you.

If you are a student from outside the European Union, in addition to your travel document, you must also send a copy of your passport with a student visa (if required). For visa information, see the Universitaly website. If the mobility period is longer than 90 days, a residence permit is also required.


In the following days, after completing the procedure, you will receive the “statement of arrival” in digital format. You will also receive your student id number, (numero di matricola in Italian) for access to the  GCS Student Career Management (the password is the one chosen during online pre-registration) and your Unifi email address ( that you must use for all communication with Unifi Offices. More information (in Italian).

 After your enrolment, you need to update your personal page on GCS Student Career Management with your Italian personal information (e.g., domicile in Florence and Italian phone number). It is important that you keep it up to date.

Academic calendar and examinations

Check out the info on the academic calendar on the website of your Unifi School. Erasmus students take their exams in the same manner as local students.

You cannot register for an exam if the exam is not listed in your Online libretto in GCS or the date of the exam does not fall within your set mobility period, as reported on the Welcome page of your profile in GCS.

Services and opportunities

Check out the services and opportunities offered by the University of Florence

Modification of the Learning Agreement and extension of the Erasmus period

To modify the Learning Agreement and extend the Erasmus period, you must contact the International Relations Office of your Unifi School of destination, for the relevant procedure and forms.
You can change the Learning Agreement only once per semester, according to each School’s specific deadlines. You can apply for an extension of the Erasmus period within 30 days of the expected final date of your mobility. Even with the extension, an Erasmus mobility cannot exceed the maximum length of 12 months.

At the end of your Erasmus period: check-out


The closing date of your Erasmus in Florence coincides with the date of the last actually taken (in the modalities indicated by the Professor) exam, passed or not, or the end date of classes if no exam was taken. In the case of traineeships, the end date of the mobility coincides with the end date of the activity.

Before checking out, check on GCS Student Career Management to see whether all examinations have been recorded, fill out the “esami sostenuti” form (rtf - pdf), and submit it to your reference Office.

  • Schools of Architecture, Economics and Management, Law, Psychology, Humanities and Education, and Political Science, send an email to erasmusdesk-presnovoli(AT)
  • Schools of Agriculture, Engineering, Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, and Human Health Sciences, send an email to the International Relations Office of the School

To avoid delays in the issuance of the final Transcript of records, while in Florence, check periodically on GCS Student Career Management the transcripts of exams taken. It is important that records are kept, even of failed exams (if actually taken). Hence, it is your responsibility to ask so to each Professor specifically.

By submitting the form, you communicate that you have completed the activities and wish to receive the Certification of Stay and Transcript of records. The Office will close the mobility and send the Certification of Stay and Transcript of records by email to the home university and in copy to the student

You have formally ended your Erasmus mobility period in Florence by checking out. Therefore, you can no longer take exams or other educational activities

The Certification of Stay issued upon arrival and departure is in Unifi format. No other form or declaration will be signed