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Enrolment of EU students and levelled non-EU students

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EU students follow the enrolment procedure of Italian students with a foreign higher school certificate.
The citizens of the countries listed below are considered as EU citizens:

  • Norway
  • Iceland
  • Lichtenstein
  • Switzerland
  • Repubblica di San Marino
  • Diplomatic Corps personnel, their spouses and their dependant children

Non-EU citizens with a permit as per categories listed below are also levelled to EU citizens:

  • Holders of an EU long stay Resident Permit (Permesso di Soggiorno)
  • Holders of a valid Resident Permit for work, family, humanitarian and religious motives; political asylum; subsidiary protection
  • Living regularly in Italy for at least one year with a Resident Permit different from the ones listed above and who have a higher school certificate obtained in Italy
  • Holders of a higher school certificate obtained from Italian schools abroad or international schools in Italy or in a foreign country having reciprocal agreements with Italy
  • Holders of a valid Resident Permit for study motives who have been previously enrolled in a first (bachelor's) or second cycle (master's) degree in another Italian university

Enrolment for all of the above categories of future students cannot be completed online.
Future students need to enquire at the Students Administration Office ( Segreterie Studenti) of the School of choice.

Terms for submitting the enrolment application

Please note that the information below serves as an indication only. For full details of rules, procedures and deadlines please refer to the Student Regulations ( Manifesto degli Studi).

In order to enrol in first cycle (bachelor’s degree) programmes and single cycle (combined bachelor’s/master’s degree) programmes with no "numerus clausus", applicants must submit the enrolment application between mid September and mid October. Exact dates vary from year to year, according to the academic calendar.

The President (Rettore) can accept a late enrolment application only when duly motivated. This implies, however, the payment of interests on arrears and a late application fee, as indicated in the Student Regulations.
Applicants wishing to enrol in first cycle (bachelor's) and single cycle (combined) degree programmes with "numerus clausus" (set quota) have to comply with deadlines indicated in the announcement of each programme.

To enter a second cycle (master's degree) programme with no set quota applicants must hold an Italian three-year University degree or a bachelor’s degree awarded by a foreign University, that allows, in the awarding country, the continuation of studies to a further level. In addition, they have to meet the general educational requirements and possess an adequate personal educational background, verified according to assessment methods defined in the study regulations of each programme, which also indicate the specific access policies.

To this purpose, prior to enrolment, future students must submit an application for assessment – by filling out the relevant  form, in Italian or English, downloadable here (Domanda di valutazione per l'immatricolazione ai corsi di laurea magistrale) and send it to the Student Academic Career Office (Segreteria Didattica ) of the chosen School, along with the copy of the following documents:

  • the qualification awarded by the foreign University, translated in Italian
  • the University transcript of records, with the syllabus of every subject, translated in Italian or, alternatively, the Diploma Supplement
  • curriculum vitae, translated in Italian

NOTE: Documents in English do not need to be translated in Italian.

Upon receiving the application for assessment, the Education Committee will check the documents, assess the suitability of curricular background, and within 30 days they decide either:

  • the eligibility of the applicant for the programme of their choice, issuing the clearance to enrol (nulla osta)
  • the debit on the educational curricular requirements, in which case applicants cannot enrol in the programme until they have fulfilled the educational requirements by enrolling in the single courses indicated in the response.

Applicants wishing to enrol in second cycle (master's) degree programmes with “numerus clausus” (restricted access) have to comply with deadlines and procedures indicated in the announcement of each programme.

Programmes held in English

Enrolment in Single Courses

  • Application procedure for EU citizens (pdf)

University International Exchange

  • Application procedure for EU citizens (pdf)

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