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Students within cooperation agreements
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Students within cooperation agreements

In this section students from abroad can find useful information on administrative procedures to enroll at the University of Florence within cooperation agreements stipulated with foreign universities.
More details are available in the Manifesto degli Studi – Section 12.2

These agreements aim to encourage direct cooperation between institutions of higher learning in different countries and to promote the reciprocal exchange of teachers, researchers, students and technical and administrative staff.
Further information on cooperation agreements can be found under the section Cooperation Agreements.

Student facilities

The universities subscribing these agreements intend to encourage student mobility according to a principle of reciprocity. According to the exchange programs, the host institution will make available to host students their didactical facilities and tutorial services.
Upon the approval of the appropriate administrative bodies, exchange students will be given academic credits for the work done at the foreign institution.
Universities participating in this exchange agree that no registration or any other fee will be imposed, except those fees required by the law of the country.

Enrolment of students within cooperation agreements:

  • Application procedure for EU citizens (pdf)
  • Application procedure for non-EU citizens residing abroad (pdf)
last update: 09-Mar-2017