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The city of Florence offers different types of accommodation that can meet the various needs and possibilities of users: hotels, hostels, residences, individual or shared apartments, single/double rooms. Availability and cost are extremely variable, depending on the location and services offered.

The University of Florence does not have any lodging facilities of its own; however, to facilitate its guests in the search for suitable accommodation, it provides a list of facilities that offer a specially agreed price or discounted rates for short or medium/long term stays. 

Announcements for private accommodation are posted on the bulletin boards of the libraries, departments, and canteens of the various university structures; alternatively, one can contact a real estate agency.

Accommodation bookable through the Welcome Service

To facilitate its guests in the search for suitable accommodation, the Welcome Service- Servizi agli ospiti stranieri can book them in one of the following residences.

The request for a reservation can be made by the foreign guest or by the hosting Department/School with adequate advance notice, by contacting the Welcome Service. The latter will handle the procedure and, in case of availability, give confirmation.

Residenza Via Romana, Via Romana, 7-13 - Florence
Three double and ten single rooms with kitchenette, located in the city centre, suitable for medium-long stay. How to pay the rent (pdf)

Residenza Mario Luzi, Piazza Dallapiccola, 6 - Firenze
Two double bedroom studios with kitchen, suitable for medium-long stay. How to pay the rent (pdf)

Residenza Universitaria Calamandrei (Calamandrei University Residence), viale Morgagni, 51 - Florence
It is one of the university residences located in the Florence metro area, very close to Careggi hospital, the Morgagni campus and Rifredi train station. It is suitable for medium / long-term students / doctoral candidates.

Complesso alloggiativo Istituto Geografico Militare (Military Geographical Institute Housing Complex), Via della Scala, 68 - Florence.
It has different types of rooms at varying daily rates depending on the type. The reservations desk of the facility will handle the reservation request 7 days prior to the expected arrival date of the guest.

Monastero delle Benedettine di Santa Marta (Santa Marta Benedictine Monastery), via Santa Marta, 7 - Florence
The accommodation qualifies as a holiday home and it is located in a quiet area, on the hills around Florence, but not too far from the historic centre. It has single and double rooms and is also suitable for medium / long term stays.

Facilities at reduced rates

List of accommodations - hotels, bed & breakfasts, residences, hostels - offering discounted rates to University guests. The facilities can be contacted directly by the concerned hosting Departments. List updated periodically (pdf).

Other facilities

Evergreen Residence, Piazza Dallapiccola, 6 - Florence
This facility, managed by the private company Evergreen, is part of a larger building located not far from the Social Sciences Campus in Novoli. It has 44 apartments, of various types, suitable for both students and researchers / visiting academics. There are no discounted rates for the University. Consult the Evergreen Residence website and contact info(AT)

The Student Hotel Florence Viale Spartaco Lavagnini  70 – 72 - Florence
This facility, managed by private in a part of a 19th-century palazzo in central location, has modern rooms of various types in a modern complex with common spaces for socializing; wifi connection, study area, sociable communal kitchen, panoramic pool, fitness area, laundry area, cinema, gaming area, courtyard. Suitable for both students and researchers / visiting academics. Consult the Student Hotel website The student hotel  and contact florence(AT) - Quarantine Package Autumn 2021 (pdf)

Campusx Firenze, Viale Giovanni Battista Morgagni, 51 - Florence
The facility, managed by private, has 199 rooms and 246 beds as well as fitness area, lounge, caffetteria, play zone, rooftop, study rooms, laundry area,  wifi connection. The Campusx is located in Careggi area and it is connected with the historic center by the tramway line. Suitable for both students and researchers / visiting academics. Consult the Student Hotel website Campusx contact info.firenze(AT)

Camplus Florence, Via del Romito 5-7 - Florence
The facility is the result of the complete redevelopment of a mid-20th century building that was owned by the State Railways Group. Highly technological, has single and double rooms of various sizes, all with private bathroom. It offers several shared spaces: a modular conference room, study rooms and tutor rooms, dining area, gym, recreation room, laundry, terrace and a cars-motorcycles-bicycles parking. It also has several outdoor areas, including one for green roofs. Camplus offers various options of fee reduction. Consult the Camplus College website and the area dedicated to admissions. Contact

Azienda Diritto allo Studio DSU Toscana (Tuscan Regional Board for the Right to University Education) also supports students' lodging needs by providing accommodation in its own facilities, subject to application and availability. Lodgings in the university residences are part of the benefits awarded to the students who have their hometown outside of the Florentine metro area. Accommodation is provided on the basis of academic merit, when students lack sufficient financial means and it is subject to availability and eligibility. The call for applications is usually published in July. Lear more (in Italian) on the DSU Toscana website - Residenze.

Housing search platforms

Useful information can be found on these institutional websites


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