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PagoPA Payment System

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From 26 June 2020, all university fees and charges are paid through the PagoPA system within the GCS (Student Career Management) reserved area.

PagoPA is the system for electronic payments set up by the Agency for Digital Italy (AGID) and regulated by the Code of the Digital Administration and D.L. 179/2012, to make any payment to the Public Administration simpler, safer, and more transparent.

Access PagoPA in Student Career Manager (GCS)

In your GCS reserved area > Segreteria > Tasse e pagamenti see your dues and their amount: Click on the invoice number to access the payment.

In the invoice detail you will find two payment options:

Pay online

If you select “Pay with PagoPA”:

  • sign in to the PagoPA system with your SPID account or your email
  • select your payment method (by credit card or other methods)
  • select your payment provider (PSP, bank, or other payment entity) from those available for the method of your choice. PSPs can charge a payment fee, which can be seen on the selection page
  • you will land on the “Payments node” managed by AGID (Agency for Digital Italy) where you can make the actual payment
  • when the payment is complete, the payment outcome screen appears. Click close to return to the GCS area, in the Invoice detail (dettaglio fattura).

The payment status is updated in GCS within 10 minutes in the section Segreteria >Tasse e pagamenti.

Print the payment notice

If you selected Print notice for PagoPA

  • download the PagoPA payment notice (see the facsimile - in Italian)
  • you can either pay online or through physical outlets including banks and other payment service providers (PSP)
  • with your home banking (look for CBILL or PagoPA logos)
  • in  shops (e.g. bars, tobacconists, stationers, and newsagents) that are enabled to collect PagoPA payments in cash or with credit/debit cards
  • at the branches of those banks on PagoPA's list of active PSPs.
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