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Simultaneous enrollment in two higher education courses

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Are you choosing your study path and want to pursue two courses in parallel and earn two degrees simultaneously? Are you already enrolled in the university and also want to take another course (bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctorate, professional master course, specialization) simultaneously? This is possible, even at more than one University and/or Institution of Higher Education, Italian or foreign.

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Simultaneous enrollment in two courses

You have the option to enroll at the same time:

  • to two bachelor’s, master’s, or single-cycle degree programs not belonging to the same degree class and which differ for at least 2/3 of the educational activities;
  • to two different professional master courses;
  • to a bachelor’s or master’s degree program or single-cycle degree program and a professional master course, doctoral, or specialization program, except for medical specialization courses;
  • to a Ph.D. program or a professional master course and a medical specialization course. In the case of simultaneous enrollment in a doctoral program and a medical specialization program, consult the Ph.D. Regulations (pdf - in Italian);
  • to a Ph.D. program or a professional master course and a non-medical specialization course.
  • to two locally restricted access courses: in this case, you must be in a useful position in the rankings of both courses.

Simultaneous enrollment in a course belonging to the system prior to Ministerial Decree 509 of 1999 and one of the courses listed in the previous paragraph is not permitted.

Additional requirements and conditions

  • If you want to apply for simultaneous enrollment in a second course, you must be regularly enrolled for the current academic year in the first course.
  • For enrollment in two different study programs, you must have the academic qualifications and the access requisites required by national legislation, as well as the regulations of the University and individual courses for both programs.
  • If one of the two programs requires compulsory attendance, you can enroll in a second course with no attendance requirement (except for programs for which compulsory attendance is only for laboratory and internship activities).
  • Your enrollment in the second course is to be considered conditional because it is subject to verification of all compatibility requirements.
  • In the case of nationally-based restricted access courses, the reservation on the second enrollment cannot be lifted until the publication of the Implementing Decree provided for in Article 4 c.2 of Law 33/2022.

Financial aid

In the case of simultaneous enrollment in two study programs, you can identify only one of the two programs as the reference to access the benefits provided by the current legislation on financial aid throughout the period you are simultaneously studying at both programs.

If you are already enrolled in a study program in the second or subsequent year and have already applied for financial aid associated with that course, you must compulsorily indicate that as the reference enrollment.

If, on the other hand, you have never claimed financial aid on your first course of enrollment, you may choose which of the two courses you wish to claim against.

If the requirements are met, full or partial exemption from paying the all-inclusive annual fee applies to both enrollments.

Additional benefits

In the case of simultaneous enrollment in two study programs at the University of Florence, there is a 50% reduction in the all-inclusive fee for the second course (a study program is defined as a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and single-cycle master’s degree).

How to enroll in two programs at the same time

You can request by e-mail from the Students Admin Office (Segreterie studenti) of the second course for which you intend to enrol simultaneous enrollment application form. The Office, having assessed the case, will provide you with the form.
After submitting the request to the Students Admin Office, the processing time may be up to 30 days, so please take this into account in order to meet the enrolment deadlines (see the deadlines calendar).

Enrollment in professional master courses for those already enrolled in another higher education course

If you are already enrolled in a higher education course and want to enroll in a university master course, you must follow the procedures for admission to the course, and declare whether you are already enrolled in another university or AFAM course.

If the course in which you are already enrolled is a PhD or Medical or Non-Medical Specialization School or a compulsory attendance course (bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, single-cycle master’s degree, an AFAM or other type of course) or other University master course, you will have to acquire in advance the favorable opinion of the Board of the course in which you are enrolled. Enrollment in the professional master course is subject to the approval of both courses (the one you are enrolled in and the one you want to enroll in).

Reference laws

The Law 33 of April 12, 2022, allows simultaneous enrollment in two higher education courses even at more than one university and institutions of higher artistic, musical, and choreographic education (AFAM), both Italian and foreign.

The DM 930 of July 29, 2022, and the DM 933 of August 2, 2022, regulate the procedures for simultaneous dual enrollment regarding university and AFAM courses, respectively.

The Implementing Decree on nationally-scheduled courses, provided for in Article 4 c.2 of Law 33/2022, is not yet available.


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