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Cooperation for Development
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Cooperation for Development

Italian universities have increased in the last few years their involvement in the cooperation for development sector, contributing to the processes of stabilisation and democracy in synergy with other key players such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI).


Among the initiatives undertaken there is CUCS - Coordinamento Università Cooperazione allo Sviluppo (association of universities cooperating for development), sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is made up of several Italian universities among which the University of Florence who has designated as its academic representative prof. Matteo Barbari.

Participating universities, are called to play an innovative and substantial role to strengthen cooperation for development through its own experiences in the fields of research, teaching, planning capacities and application of methodologies. One of the main objectives of CUCS is to let emerge, foster and coordinate these experiences and promote the dialogue among the specific political and social players.


One of the initiatives promoted by CUCS is a database called DaBaCU. It is a real time, systematic repository of all academic initiatives in the cooperation for development sector.
DaBaCU is developed and coordinated by Metid Centre, Politecnico di Milano. It is not just a database but an online community for all academic players with the goal to implement concrete collaboration initiatives by sharing data over the different projects.

DaBaCu can be queried here:

last update: 30-Oct-2015
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