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Job Placement and Careers

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Career Service for Students, Graduates, Doctoral Candidates and PhDs

Career Service is entirely dedicated to the job orientation and placement needs of students, graduates, doctoral students of the University of Florence, with the aim of providing solutions to the needs and expectations of its users. Career Service has the specific fuction of providing a targeted support for the career choices of our growing youth.

The services offered

Career Education

This area accompanies the development of self-awareness on the construction of one's own career project by enhancing cross-skills through workshops and seminars.

  • Skills Map, to help students planning the career path in an entrepreneurial way through Personal Business Model Canvas. The service is aimed to accompany the reflection in terms of value proposition and to develop self-awareness about career goals, working on cross-skills like communication, proactivity, enterprise. Read more (Italian website)
  • Job Orientation Seminars, is a two-day event dedicated to students, recent graduates and doctoral candidates offering useful information to improve awareness about the transition towards the labour market. It introduces aims and contents of career services and it offers the opportunity to directly meet with representatives from the world of work. Read more (Italian website)

Employability Training

This area offers a set of services to bolster the development of skills and capabilities able to support the transition towards the labour market. In detail, the programs consist in:

  • Training at work: building your future, a series of workshop to accompany students, graduates, PHD students and PHDs of the University of Florence in the process of building their career project thanks to the acquisition of knowledge and skills for a targeted and effective entry into the workforce. The workshop is structured in 3 modules: Read more (Italian website) 
  • CV Check, to individually scan the effectiveness of the CV and to improve awareness about personal and professional skills. Read more (Italian website)
  • Light Assessment Center, to get to know with specific cross-skills demanded by employers and to be able to face this recruitment tool. Read more (Italian website)
  • Video CV, to elaborate a format for a personal Video CV. An innovative tool for job application. It consists in a synthetic presentation of personal and professional characteristics which provides information about communicational and relational skills. Read more (Italian website)

Meetings with Employers

This area helps in creating the optimal conditions for an active job search and a successful match between supply and demand, both for informational and selective purposes. In detail, the programs consist in:

  • Employer presentations, to get to know with employers and to understand their skills demand. The presentation is focused on recruitment process and on professional profiles demanded by companies. Read more (Italian website)
  • Career Day, it consists in the official University of Florence job fair days aimed at matching graduates and employers. Read more (Italian website)
  • Career Lab, to participate to recruitment activities and to have job interviews directly with employers. It also represents a way to improve skills and to understand how a job selection is organized. Read more (Italian website)
  • Internships Read more (Italian website)
  • Job offers Read more (Italian website)
  • Other offers - recommendations Read more (Italian website)

Entrepreneurial Skills Development

This area is aimed to foster the entrepreneurial skills and mindset of young people by meeting directly with testimonials, building networks and developing innovative projects.

  • Entrepreneurial Gym, to improve entrepreneurial skills and to focus the research towards professional projects. It’s a training program aimed at fostering entrepreneurial skills through Design Thinking and LEGO® Serious Play methodology. The focus is on the entrepreneurial attitude and on skills for project planning and management. Read more (Italian website)
  • Campus Enterprise. Read more (Italian website)

For more information about dates and specific editions in Placement ( Italian website)

Career Service for Enterprises and Organizations

Programs, services and initiatives in support of work and innovation dedicated to all organizations in the world of work that aim to get in touch with students and graduates of the University, to recruit qualified human resources, to bring their contribution to the awareness, autonomy and professional development of young people.

Doing an internship

An internship is an intrinsic part of the academic path of every student. In many under- and postgraduate degrees the curricular internship is compulsory and earns credits. A graduate internship, called, in this case, non-curricular - is a period of training and orientation to the professional world. The non-curricular internship is different from specific traineeship periods giving a professional qualification, which are a compulsory step in order to be able to practise specific jobs. The University of Florence has implemented St@ge, an online database to facilitate access to internships: students and graduates can search for businesses that have agreements in place to host interns and can apply directly from the platform. More info and access (Italian website)

Job offers platform

It’s an online service collecting a selection of offers from businesses, associations and institutions which have job positions to presented to students and graduates. Read more (Italian website)

CV Access

The University will make accessible to the industry the CVs of students and recent (12 months) graduates who have given authorisation to do so according to the current privacy laws. Read more (Italian website)

Meeting with Employers

The opportunity to present the company and meet young people with specific skills for any open job position or internship, talking to them individually or managing real job interviews. Read more (Italian website)

Entrepreneurial Gym (Outdoor edition)

A special edition of Entrepreneurial Gym, organized within in a real workplace context, to improve entrepreneurial skills and to focus on business challenges proposed by the company. It’s a training program aimed at fostering entrepreneurial skills of students and junior workers. The focus is on the idea generation process to solve real problems through innovative products, processes or solutions. Read more (Italian website)

Other proposals - Recommendations

Evaluation and publication of proposals from external bodies regarding orientation and job placement for students and graduates. Read more (Italian website)


Placement Front Office
Piazza San Marco, 4 - Florence
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