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  CommunicationNews2019-2020 CENSIS ranking: Unifi in 3rd place


2019-2020 CENSIS ranking: Unifi in 3rd place

Among the major Italian universities

Third place for the University of Florence (Unifi) in the ranking of Italian Universities by Censis, the national socio-economic research institute, for 2019-20. The University of Florence follows the Universities of Bologna and Padua in the ranking of the mega universities that have over 40,000 enrolled students.

The indicators used for the evaluation of the universities include the services provided and communication and digital services, two areas for which Unifi is second among the mega universities. The report also assessed internationalization, facilities, grants and employability.

The publication also contains classifications related to teaching which are divided into separate rankings for three-year bachelor’s degrees (grouped into fifteen subject groups), single-cycle combined master's degrees (grouped into six subject groups) and master's degrees, subdivided into fourteen subject groups. Among the indicators analyzed are the career progression of students and international relations.

The University of Florence is the fourth among all Italian universities for what concerns the three-year courses in the social sciences and communication field and of the motor and sports sciences. Unifi’s position is also good for seven other teaching areas where the Unifi degree courses fall within the top ten nationally.

The complete Censis ranking is available online.






17 July 2019
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