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Management Engineering, a new undergraduate course for 2016-2017

Professional profile and skills achieved, work opportunities

The newly offered three-year bachelor degree in Management Engineering, has a varied and multidisciplinary curriculum enabling graduates to access a diverse range of professional opportunities in the fields of production and services.

The course, delivered by the School of Engineering and the Department of Industrial Engineering aims at graduating an engineer that can combine the skills in industrial design and planning with those relating to production: plants, technologies, human resources, innovation capability, financial and economic resources management.

"Industrial Planning" is the curriculum currently being offered. During the second year students will be instructed on theory, methods and practice of industrial planning. The professional profiles that can be filled by the acquired skills include managerial and consulting positions in production and logistics, quality control, workplace safety, technical support, product management, energy, and general enterprise control, which are currently in high demand.

The course has unrestricted access with the only requirement, as per all other unrestricted access courses, to sit for an entry assessment test aimed at verifying the level of knowledge and determine if there are any gaps that need to be filled.

More information about the course here (in Italian).

22 July 2016