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  CommunicationNewsProfessors’ strike and exams abstention in the fall session 2017


Professors’ strike and exams abstention in the fall session 2017

Notice to students

On June 27, 2017, a group of professors from Italian Universities announced a strike consisting in the abstention from performing exams during the fall session of the academic year 2016-2017 (28 August - 31 October 2017).

Students intending to sit for the exams in that period will have to follow the usual online procedure, as the teacher's participation to the strike will be notified only on the day of the exam. According to the announcement, if there is no exam because of the strike, two situations can occur:

1)    If a second day of exams was already scheduled, this will be held regularly and all students can sit for the exam on this occasion.

2)    If no further exam was scheduled, an extra session will take place fourteen days after the strike. The date of this extra exam session will be advertised in the online services.

The University will take every measure in its power not to affect the career of the students,  respecting at the same time the professors’ right to strike. It is guaranteed that at least one session of the examination will be held during the period August 28 –October 31, 2017.

The following arrangements will be made:

-  Students enrolled online for an exam not taken because of the strike will be automatically transferred to the second date or to the extra session. Therefore, in both cases, no further action is required.

- The new dates for the extra examination session will be promptly announced on the websites of School, as well as on the online booking page.

- Students that neither signed up for the first exam date nor for the already scheduled second one can nevertheless enrol, using the usual online procedure.

Students unable to satisfy the tight time constraints  for graduating in  the months of October and November because of the strike are asked to contact the Presidencies of the School and of the Department in order to implement the necessary actions to be able to graduate within the timeframe scheduled.

11 September 2017
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