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Online Water Harvesting Course

Enrolments now open

Enrolments for the 2018 edition of the professional training course In Situ Water Harvesting for Resilient Farming Systems are now open.

The course is organised by the Water Harvesting Lab of the Department of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Systems and will deal with water management and water conservation and is especially formulated for those areas that are most prone to water shortage problems, such as arid and semi-arid farmlands. The issue of adaptation to climate changes is also covered. Special farming and water capture techniques to increase yields and food quality in those areas are illustrated.

The course is taught in English and is aimed at agricultural science students, researchers and practitioners from around the world. There are grants available to cover tuition fees for candidates coming from countries where access to water is an issue and where the tuition fee would be a liming factor to enrolment.

More details on the course schedule and enrolment procedures here.

14 December 2017