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Erasmus, urgent information

for incoming and outogoing students

Based on the provisions of the Italian authorities (Decrees of the President of the Council of Ministers of 9th and 11th March 2020 and any new related measure of the Italian Government and taking into account the indications formulated by the European Commission (notes n. 005 of 31 January 2020, n. 012 of 25 February 2020 and n. 014 of 10 March 2020) it is now possible to cancel, suspend or postpone mobility activities by appealing to the cause of force majeure.

What does force majeure mean?

Any unforeseeable and exceptional situation or event, independent of the will of the parties, which prevents the fulfillment of one or more obligations under the Convention, not caused by the negligence of either party.

Consult also the Erasmus students FAQs

Incoming Erasmus

International students currently in Italy under the Erasmus+ program, who intend to return to their country of origin, are authorized to do so as provided by the above-mentioned Prime Ministerial Decree. Furthermore, students are invited to check the updates provided by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Further assistance can also be provided by their Embassies and Consulates in Italy.

Outgoing Erasmus

Students who are currently on Erasmus mobility can continue their mobility at their host university. Any interruptions to teaching activities caused by the Covid-19 outbreak will not be considered as an interruption of mobility and the scholarship will be maintained. The suspension period is not calculated for the purpose of the minimum duration of the mobility but will be counted towards the maximum period of 12 months allowed for each study cycle. Voluntary quarantine, possibly requested by the host university, may be recognized as a mobility period (the partner institution must mention it in the Certificate of Attendance). Students are also required to keep a copy of travel documents (tickets, boarding passes, etc.). Those intending to return to Italy are invited to follow the directions provided by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

All mobilities that have not already started are currently suspended due to force majeure. The procedures for any reimbursement of expenses will be communicated at a later stage. For this purpose, it is advisable to keep a copy of travel documents as well as receipts for other expenses and proof of any refund rejection (e.g. by airlines). The European Commission has granted the possibility to postpone mobilities to the next academic year (1st semester), provided that the host universities agree. Mobility deferrals will be explored on a case-by-case basis in the coming weeks.

Mobility for traineeship purposes is also temporarily suspended under the current containment measures and may be undertaken after the suspension period, in agreement with the host institution. As for students whose graduation sessions have been postponed, they may start traineeship after graduation, should they be unable to postpone it.

Incoming extra UE and all double degrees

International students and staff currently in Italy within the  Bilateral Agreement or Double degree programs who intend to return to their countries of origin can do so as envisaged by the aforementioned DPCM. Incoming students are required to inform the UNIFI International Office by sending an email to

Incoming students are also invited to take into due consideration the instructions provided by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It should also be noted that assistance can be provided by embassies and consulates of each own country of origin in Italy.

Outgoing extra UE and all double degrees

Students currently abroad

The students who are currently abroad within the framework of a Bilateral agreement or Double degree programme can continue their mobility in the host country. Any interruption of teaching activities at the host university due to the Covid-19 emergency will not be considered as periods of interruption of mobility and the grant will be maintained if the student stays in the host country.

The period of academic interruption is calculated for the purposes of the minimum duration of the mobility period and it will be calculated for the purposes of the maximum period of months to spend abroad according to the duration of exchange mentioned in the mobility contract. 
Should the students decide to come back to Italy, they are required to inform promptly our Office by sending an email to  and keep the boarding passes of their return flights and the rest of documents required by the Office.

The voluntary quarantine period possibly required by the host University will be considered as part of the mobility, if indicated in the certificate of arrival and departure. It is recommended to keep boarding passes and all the travel documents and all communications and documents issued by the hosting institution with regards to interruption of teaching activities, quarantine, etc.

Students ready to leave Italy

All the mobilities that were going to start from 9th March are suspended until further notice. Student mobilities cancelled due to force majeure may be postponed and reallocated to next semester upon a new acceptance letter that will be issued by the host Institution. It is advisable to keep a copy of the documents of the expenses incurred (flight tickets, insurance and other costs related to mobility) and to start the refund request procedures at the respective travel agencies or insurance companies or other subjects due to force majeure

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Updates on the websites of the Italian embassies in the various countries

  • Spain - the guidelines of Spanish authorities on the Italian Embassy in Madrid
  • Belgium - Information and contacts of the Italian Embassy in Brussels, with emergency contact numbers | Flights operating out of Brussels airport (website)
  • France - Up-to-date Information on transportation and the situation in the country, with guidelines and emergency contact numbers



18 March 2020
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