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Update on Unifi measures following the Covid-19 health emergency

Following the latest measures implemented by the Italian Government

The measures adopted by the University to face the Covid-19 emergency have been updated and summarised in the decree of the President of the University n. 425 del 24 March 2020. The new provisions follow the Decree  D.L. n. 18 of 17 March 2020 and the DPCM of 22 March 2020.

The details are as follows:

Teaching activities. All in-person teaching will be suspended until further notice. Distance learning will be provided according to the procedure set out here; students with disabilities will be assisted for their special needs by CESPD. Please note that a one-hour lecture corresponds to 2 videos of 20 mins each.

Exams. All oral exams will take place remotely according to the procedure approved with D.R. 358 of 12 March 2020. Written exams will follow the procedure explained here.

Field and lab work. All laboratory, field or off-site exercises are suspended, except those that are convertible to remote mode. The professional master courses that provide such activities are extended until further notice.

Traineeships. Internship activities are suspended, except for the following:

  • curricular and non-curricular placements in progress abroad;
  • traineeship placements in progress abroad;
  • internships for doctors in specialist training and specific training courses in general medicine;
  • internships carried out in the professional master courses, post-graduate specialization courses and professional refresher courses in the medical and health area as long as authorized by the host entities;
  • the measures aimed at guaranteeing the continuation of students' careers of any traineeships scheduled for the acquisition of the CFU in the degree courses of the medical and health area that have been suspended or that have not started, will be detailed in a separate ruling.
  • internships that have been carried out for 60% or more of the scheduled hours by the graduating students of the April graduation session are considered concluded for the purpose of acquiring the credits required by the relevant degree course. For courses in which 60% of the scheduled hours has not been reached, the missing hours can be completed by attending the online laboratory “Formarsi al lavoro: costruire il proprio futuro”, or by reaching an agreement with the university or company tutor on the tests or activities to be carried out in lieu of the missing hours. 
  • If the contents of the curricular internship (in non-medical and health degree courses) or non-curricular allow adopting flexible modalities, the internship can be carried out remotely, according to the indications published on the University website, by agreement between the student, business tutor and academic tutor and after updating the training project. For extracurricular internships, this possibility is conditioned by the authorization of Regione Toscana. Alternatively, business tutors, academic tutors and students can agree to pass a test for the acquisition of skills, according to the methods defined by the University, to replace the completion of the hours left in the internship.

Graduation sessions. All graduation sessions will be held remotely; the discussion will take place according to the methods published here. In order to facilitate the connections and improve the access to the systems, the examining commissions can be formed, as an exception to current regulations, by 3 members for undergraduates and by 5 members for post-graduates. In relation to the methods adopted in the individual Schools and taking into account the number of graduates in each session, the graduation announcement may also be made "in batches" and for groups made up of at least 5 graduating students.

Student office hours. They will be held remotely according to the procedure announced by each individual lecturer on their profile.

Orientation. Guidance tutoring activities continue online as agreed with the President’s Delegate Prof. Sandra Furlanetto.

Front office services. In-person services are suspended until further notice. Remote front office services are active at all desks (Student admin offices, orientation, international desk, international mobility, Schools and Departments); in case of extreme urgency, it is possible to make an appointment.

Percorso Formativo 24 CFU. The PF24 exams scheduled on 20, 21, and 23 March are suspended and the specialization course for educational support activities for pupils with disabilities will follow the calendar set out in D.R. n. 424 of 24 March 2020.

Non-EU mobility call and Erasmus rankings. The deadline for the non-EU call is postponed to 30 April 2020. The publication of the Erasmus + study 2020/2021 mobility rankings is expected after 30 April 2020. The publication of the Erasmus + traineeship 2020/2021 mobility call is expected after 30 April 2020. Departures for all outgoing mobility and teachers' missions are blocked until further notice.

Travel. All travel involving Teaching Staff, Fellows, PhD students, Graduates, Technical Administrative Staff and Language Collaborators, Scholarship holders, if not suspended altogether, is governed by the D.R. n. 378 of 20 March 2020.

Libraries. Libraries have resumed lending services. Please check for more details and updates the Library System’s website.

Facilities and services. As of 25 March, all university facilities and offices will have the following opening hours: 8:30 am - 2:30 pm. The availability services already published on the site remain active. Teaching staff, postdoctoral students, PhD students, scholarship holders and graduating students will be authorized by the Director of their Department to access the sites where they carry out research activities only if these cannot be postponed, with the recommendation to minimize attendance and in any case respecting the safety measures set by the government; authorized parties must have the required certifications for mobility; a listof the persons authorized to access the premises during the opening hours must be communicated to the Manager of the Economic, Asset and Logistic Services Area by 6 pm on the previous day.

The Area for Innovation and Management of Information and Computer Systems will be able to access in case of urgency in the offices of the Main Administration Building (Rettorato), via delle Gore and Sesto Fiorentino (or in other offices in case of need for non-deferrable intervention) even after hours following a procedure defined with the Economic, Asset and Logistic Services Area.

The premises exclusively used for teaching must be completely closed and sanitized before their reopening.

All routine administrative activity will be carried out according to the provisions of art. 87 of Decreto Legge 18/2020 and according to the plans agreed by all interested parties including the General Manager and the Unions.

Cleaning services will be carried out in compliance with the opening hours of the buildings with the appropriate standards and sanitizing methods as the circumstances call for.

Museums. All University Museums are closed.

Collegial bodies. The Boards of the Collegial Bodies, if necessary, may be carried out exclusively with the remote modalities governed by the Decree n. 370 of 18 March 2020.

University staff on healthcare duties. University staff in healthcare duties, including postgraduates, except for teaching and research, will be subject to the provisions of the relative Healthcare Units.

Public competitions. The public competitions for access to public employment as per art. 37, para 5, of DL 17.3.2020, which provides that, with the exception of cases in which the assessment of candidates is carried out exclusively on a curricular basis or electronically, are suspended for sixty days from the entry into force of this decree and will follow the guidelines as per D.R. n. 337 del 4 March 2020 for what concerns the procedures of remote testing.  The evaluation procedures for public calls for fellowships and scholarships, as well as the yearly exam of doctoral courses, can be carried out remotely.

Deadlines. The deadlines set forth in the 2019-2020 Student Regulations are modified as follows:

    1. Submission of ISEE form for the calculation of university fees is moved from 14 April 2020 to 30 April 2020;
    2. payment of the second installment for students enrolled in the cohorts 2014/2015, 2015/2016, 2017/2018, 2018/2019 of the Specialization Schools in the health area is moved from 30 April 2020 to 15 June 2020;
    3. second installment payment for students enrolled in all Degree Courses, at the Specialization Schools of the Area of Archaeological Heritage, Architectural and Landscape Heritage, Historic-Artistic Heritage, Legal Professions, non-medical Healthcare, is moved from 28 May 2020 to 15 June 2020.


06 April 2020
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