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EUniWell European Interuniversity Consortium

Two projects coordinated by the University of Florence being funded on the second Seed Funding Call

There are two interdisciplinary projects of the University of Florence that are eligible for funding from the second call of the European Interuniversity Consortium, EUniWell, aimed at innovative proposals in the field of training, research and management originating from the universities of the network. Each project will be funded for 25,000 euros.

- Well-beIntercomprehension

The project aims to spread the teaching of intercomprehension between similar and non-related languages, i.e. between Romance languages (“Intrafamily” approach) and between Germanic and Romance languages (interfamily approach) within the consortium’s universities. The initiative provides for the development of new approaches and materials that will be used for the educational activity. A website will be created where the material (videos, texts, audio documents, exercises, multilingual interactive games) will be accessible. In addition, online courses for students, MOOC and intercomprehensive tele-tandem will be organized, involving students from the partner universities. Partners of the project are Semmelweis University, Linnaeus University and the University of Nantes.  

- Being an inclusive university for refugee students: concepts, methods and tools

The project promotes tutoring activities that allow refugee students access to the European university education system. The idea was drawn up on the basis of the experience gained through the university corridors for refugee students, an initiative of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, and the participation to the National Coordination for the Assessment of Refugee Qualifications (CNVQR) at the CIMEA (Information Center for Academic Mobilities and Equivalencies). Aimed at promoting the enrollment and academic inclusion of refugee and subsidiary protection students already present in Italy. The project will include a seminar for the exchange of ideas and best practices between EUniWell partners. The tutoring service will help to reduce constraints and obstacles related to the right to study for refugee students. Mentoring training is one of the key points for the success of this project. Partners include the University Birmingham, University of Cologne, Leiden University and Linnaeus University.

In addition to coordinating two projects, the University of Florence is a partner of five other proposals developed by the other universities of the network.

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30 March 2021
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