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Partnership for Knowledge: AICS scholarships

4 UniFi Master's Degrees Course to Participate in the Programme

Applications are open for scholarships promoted by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) with the "Partnership for Knowledge" programme. The initiative aims to promote opportunities for advanced training for researchers, public administration officials, social entrepreneurs and young leaders.

The program, funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in collaboration with several Italian universities, offers a series of scholarships for master's and doctoral programmes for citizens from and residing in a number of countries. The academic programs are delivered in English and are organized, according to thematic areas, on four platforms.

The University of Florence participates in the program as leader for Platform 1 (open to citizens residing in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Niger and Senegal), "Rural Development and Spatial Management", with the following master's degree courses,:

and collaborates on the Platform 4 (open to citizens of: Cuba, El Salvador, Lebanon and Jordan) "Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism" with the master's degree course:

The academic offer of the University of Florence focuses on integrated territorial development as a key to addressing the dramatic changes in rural and urban areas that took place in recent decades.

Information on how to register is available on the website of each degree course.

01 February 2019
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