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  CommunicationNewsNew Academic Year: increase in the international study paths and the courses taught in English


New Academic Year: increase in the international study paths and the courses taught in English

The latest news for 2019/2020

57 bachelor's degree courses, 9 single-cycle and 70 master's degree courses. These are the numbers of UNIFI's educational offer for the next academic year, which can be consulted online.

In 2019/2020 three new master's degrees will be offered: Management Engineering, Advanced Molecular Sciences (in English) and Environmental and Behavioural Biology.

For the latter two there are scholarships available for non-resident students. In addition, in 2019/2020 five new double-title courses will be offered, which will bring the total of the international courses proposed by the University up to 30. The collaboration with the Chinese University Tongji of Shanghai, is strengthened with the offering of two double-title courses.


The new master's degree courses

School of Engineering

The master's degree in Management Engineering is the result of an intense exchange of ideas with the industry, the trade associations and the needs of the region. Alongside the management of the production chain, the curriculum of the course - which can be accessed after the three-year degrees in Management Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Engineering - includes the skills necessary to face the challenges of industry 4.0 and to advance the digitization of the process.

The resulting professional figure, in great demand in enterprises and public administrations, will deal with personnel, machinery and plants, as well as with innovation and economic and financial resources, with expertise in automation and new technologies, big data analysis and the supply chain, the distribution chain of a product from the supplier to the customer.


School of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences

The Advanced Molecular Sciences course is delivered entirely in English and expands the offer of the master's degrees taught in English, totalling 10, including full programmes and specific curricula

The course provides a global vision of materials chemistry and life sciences, which will enable graduates to carry out professional activities and hold high-responsibility positions in different industrial sectors such as health, food manufacturing, environment, energy, security, cultural heritage and public administration, in the areas of the design, synthesis and characterization of new materials.

In support of the non-resident students who will enroll in the course 10 scholarships worth €10,000 for 4 years each will be made available, thanks to funding awarded by the MIUR to the Department of Chemistry as a department of excellence.

The master's degree in Environmental and Behavioral Biology combines the study of ecology and ethology and occupies a "niche" offered in international universities of excellence, but poorly represented at national level. Graduates will be able to carry out scientific and professional activities in the field of wildlife management and monitoring the welfare of animals on farms or in captivity. Graduates will also be able to carry out professional activities in training institutes, universities, editorial offices and the media involved in the scientific dissemination of research results.

For non-resident students, 15 scholarships worth 3,500 euros each will be made available, thanks to the funding recognized by the MIUR to the Department of Biology as a department of excellence.


The new international curricula

In the next academic year there will be 5 new study paths as part of the programmes leading to a double degree, for a total of 30 international programmes, which include the single-cycle master's degrees in Italian-French Law and in Italian-German Law that award a joint title.


School of Humanities and Education

In the bachelor's degree in Languages, Literatures and Intercultural Studies, for the curriculum Bilateral studies: Italian-Hungarian will be possible to achieve the double title thanks to the agreement with the Debreceni Egyetem University.

The master's degree in European and American Languages and Literatures is enhanced by the new bilateral Italian-French curriculum in Theory and practice of translation, thanks to the agreement with the Université Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis.


School of Architecture

As part of the master's degree in Architecture, there will be an Architectural Design curriculum in agreement with Tongji University in Shanghai.


School of Economics and Management

The master's degree in Finance and Risk Management inaugurates two dual-title courses: one with the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Computer Science for Industry and Enterprise (ENSIIE) in Evry (France) and one with the University of Economics of Katowice (Poland).

13 June 2019
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