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Solutions for more sustainable universities

EUniWell call aimed at students

"EUniWell is launching a call for ideas aimed at students to look for solutions to reduce the carbon footprint - that is, the amount of greenhouse gases generated during the production of a product or service - of universities at the local and European level. The goal is to better understand the expectations and desires of young people and make them key players in a sustainable rethinking of universities.

Candidates have until October 11, 2022, to make proposals.

The winners of the call for proposals will have the opportunity to meet with students from all EUniWell universities during the first EUniWell Sustainability Forum, which will be held at the University of Nantes November 15-18, during the upcoming Nantes University Sustainability Week Festival.

During their stay, they will participate in a hackathon to discuss their green proposals. In addition, the winning students will become full members of the "EUniWell Green Students Community." 

More information is available on the EUniWell website.


29 September 2022
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