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How to manage exam anxiety

At the Social Sciences campus, an EUniWell initiative aimed at students

Entitled "Exam Anxiety: how to manage it?”, and aimed at students, the initiative by the European University Network EUniWell, of which the University of Florence is a member.

The event is scheduled for Friday, November 25, at the Social Sciences campus (Via delle Pandette, 32 - Building D5, Room 101) and features a focus on students' mental well-being and sharing methodologies for dealing with college stress.

Two afternoon sessions are scheduled, the first at 4 p.m. and the second at 6:15 p.m. The meeting concludes with a mindfulness session held by an expert.

To participate, reservations must be made online.

Places are limited.

Other initiatives by EUniWell aimed at Unifi members will soon take shape at the urging of the student board that was recently formed (sign up here) with the intention of fostering the organization of new events on the theme of well-being and sustainability. 

15 November 2022
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