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Unifi turns 100

An extensive programme of initiatives in 2024 for the University’s anniversary
The University of Florence is preparing to celebrate its 100th anniversary, starting next February 2024. The University of Florence’s foundation dates to a 1923 decree, which came into effect in the 1924-25 academic year.

But Unifi’s origins are actually much older than this, dating back to the Studium Generale, commissioned by the Florentine Republic in 1321 and then transferred to Pisa by the Medici family.

To mark the centenary, the University has promoted a rich programme of events presented today by Rector Alessandra Petrucci. The start of the celebrations will coincide with the opening ceremony of the academic year at the beginning of February, but some events will anticipate the centenary already in this part of the year.
13 December 2023
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