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  CommunicationNewsEight Unifi research projects related to the Covid emergency to be funded by MUR


Eight Unifi research projects related to the Covid emergency to be funded by MUR

In Life Sciences, Physics and Engineering, Social Sciences and Humanities 

The Ministry of University and Research (MUR) supports Unifi research projects aimed at addressing new needs and issues raised by the Covid-19 emergency.

Within the framework of the Special Integrative Research Fund (FISR 2020 – first phase), 183 projects from Italian universities and research institutes, 8 of which from the University of Florence, were admitted to ministerial financing in the areas of Life Sciences, Physics and Engineering, Social Sciences and Humanities. There were 2,559 proposals in total, of which 88 were submitted by our University. The proposal evaluation phase involved over 1,300 experts; 8,136 evaluations were acquired.

In five of the eight Unifi projects funded, the University is a leader or a single investigator, and in the other three it is a partner (see details).

In the Life Sciences area, the University has four of its proposals funded (in three of which it is the leading investigator) that develop research dedicated to the fight against the Covid-19 infection. The project managers are Roberta Pierattelli (Department of Chemistry), Matteo Ramazzotti (Department of Biomedical, Experimental and Clinical Sciences), Cristina Nativi (Department of Chemistry) and Laura Sartiani (Department of Neuroscience, Drug Area and Child Health (Neurofarba).

In the Physics and Engineering area, a statistical collection project on mortality in Italy was approved in 2020. The scientific head for Unifi, who participates as a partner, is Dolores Catelan (Department of Statistics, Computer Science, Applications).

Finally, there are three projects funded in the Social Sciences and Humanities Area that deal with pandemic-related topics and innovations in schools and culture. The project heads  University, who leads two of the projects, are Chiara Pecini (Department of Education, Languages, Interculture, Literatures and Psychology – FORLILPSI), Irene Ceccherini (Department of History, Archeology, Geography, Fine  andand Performing Arts -  SAGAS) and Giovanna del Gobbo (Department ORLILPSI).

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, the University’s researchers have tried to make an effective contribution and to provide answers to the many issues opened up by the health and non-health emergency, ” commented the Vice-President (Research) Marco Bindi. "The MUR funding of almost 10% of the projects presented by Unifi testifies to the quality of our research, which stands out at national level in terms of planning and adherence to the needs of the historical moment we are living”.

18 June 2021
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