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  CommunicationNewsThe European university network EUniWell celebrates its first year of activity


The European university network EUniWell celebrates its first year of activity

 The events organized by Unifi within the FestiWell

A year of activity to improve the quality of life of European citizens through research and training activities and institutional commitment. The EUniWell university network – of which the University of Florence is part together with the universities of Birmingham, Nantes, Leiden, Linnaeus, Semmelweis and Cologne, – blows its first candle and to celebrate this goal, it proposes a series of events that will run on Tuesday 19 and Wednesday 20 October in the seven universities of the consortium.

UniFi participates in two initiatives that take place during the first day. The University, in collaboration with the University of Birmingham, organizes a “Mini COP26” at the Florentine headquarters of the British Institute. This meeting will see the participation of faculty and university students from the EUniWell network, to define new solutions to reduce the effects of climate change and improve the health of our planet (Lungarno Guiccardini, 9 – 2.30 pm). 

The event can also be followed remotely).

Participants will discuss some urgent challenges such as total emission reductions and the containment to one and a half of the global temperature rise for 2030. The debate will focus on the importance of data for achieving the objectives of research and sustainable development and on the role of universities in driving change at local level.

“The consequences of climate change are unequivocally linked to human activities – stresses the vice president Giorgia Giovannetti – universities are important players and can contribute to the road to sustainability and be more accountable, both through their own research and education and by engaging students and faculty in concrete actions”.

 On Tuesday, 19 October at 12.30 pm, there will be an online meeting “EUniWell Research Spotlight” in collaboration with Unifi and organized by the University of Leiden, where the teaching staff of the two universities will take stock of research in four thematic areas (health, individual and social well-being, environmental well-being and urban planning, health and well-being and training). Francesco Ferrini, professor of general arboriculture and arboreal cultivations, and Giovanna del Gobbo, professor of experimental pedagogy, will represent the University of Florence .

Check out the full FestiWell program online

19 October 2021
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